F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar

Revue de la Maquette Airfix au 1/76

Char Léger F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar, 1/76 Maquette Airfix 01320

The Airfix model of the Scimitar has been built almost straight from the box, only antennas et rear lights were added. The model was sprayed Gunze H330 Dark Green (Couleur Standard Britannique 381C/641), the equivalent of Humbrol 75. The black disruptive stripes were painted on by hand. The hull et chassis are fun to build, but the tracks were rather difficult to fit. The soft plastic material is very thick, relatively stiff, et too short to fit around the running gear. As a result, the two rear sprockets were pulled out of place, et one sprocket broke off eventually. The only remedy was to use hot glue to hold the track in place. Hard plastic track links like those used on ESCI et new Revell models would have been much easier to work with.


  • F.V. 101 CVR(T) Scorpion
  • Decals for a Scorpion of the Blues et Royals, Windsor 1973
    • Optional F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar turret avec 30 mm Rarden gun
    • Decals for a Scimitar of the MVEE trials unit, 1973


  • Scale model avec good detail. The model depicts an early Scorpion ou Scimitar avec folded flotation device et partial track skirts which are not seen on later véhicules. The bolted engine deck was hinged on later models, et additional stowage bins were added at the hull sides et rear.
  • Compatible avec Matchbox, Crusader Models, JB Models, Milicast et Cromwell Models.
  • The soft plastic tracks are too thick et they do not fit between the hull et the drive sprocket. One way to fix this problem is to carve out the inside of the front fenders.
  • The tracks are slightly too short to fit over the entire running gear. As a result, the rear sprockets will be pulled out of place et they may snap off. The soft plastic material cannot be glued avec any of the common modelling adhesives, therefore we used hot glue to hold the track in place.
  • Noticeable flash on roadwheels needs to be removed carefully to ensure a good fit.
  • Mould ejection marks on the right side of the hull et on the reverse side of the left-hand stowage bin need to be trimmed off.
  • Tools et other cast-on items are not very well defined.
  • Rearview mirrors, brake lights et turn indicators are not included in the kit. The lights may be scratchbuilt to improve the model.
  • No crew figurines included in the kit.

The Scimitar is the more useful wargame model of the two F.V. 100 variants included in this kit, et it remains en service avec l’Armée Britannique today. The 30 mm Rarden gun will defeat véhicules de transport de troupes enemy et many armoured reconnaissance véhicules the Scimitar may encounter on patrol.

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Véhicule de Reconnaissance Blindé Britannique F.V. 107 CVR(T) Scimitar