Infanterie Britannique des Bataillons de Kitchener de la Grande Guerre, 1915

Revue de Figurines d’Airfix au 1/76

Infanterie Britannique des Bataillons de Kitchener, 1916–1918, en casque Brodie M.1916, 1/76 Figurines converties Airfix 01727

Infanterie britannique en M.1914 pattern leather equipment issued to Kitchener bataillons as a stop-gap, because the more comfortable M.1908 web gear could not be produced quickly enough to supply the many newly raised bataillons. Up to 1916, units equipped avec the M.1914 infantry set received M.1908 web gear when they deployed to the front. Thereafter, the M.1914 leather equipment was also worn in the field. The Airfix figurines need to be converted, using heads avec le casque Brodie M.1916, pour représenter des bataillons de Kitchener fighting in France from 1916 to 1918. Spare heads avec la casquette M.1914 »service cap« may be used to convert figurines de l’infanterie britannique de chez EMHAR for the 1914 to 1916 period of the war.


44 figurines en 19 poses – 24 mm correspondent à 173 cm hauteur de corps

  • Officier avec épée nue
  • Signaler avec Semaphore flags (2)
  • Mortar No. 1 avec trench mortar
  • Mortar No. 2
  • Machine gunner No. 1 avec Vickers machine gun
  • Machine gunner No. 2
  • Two-man Wireparty
  • Bomber throwing handgrenade (2)
  • Medical orderly tending wounded (2)
  • Wounded rifleman (2)
  • Fallen rifleman (2)
  • Rifleman chargeant à la baïonnette (4)
  • Rifleman, courant (4)
  • Rifleman, marchant (4)
  • Rifleman, couché, tirant (4)
  • Rifleman, à genoux, tirant (3)
  • Rifleman, debout, tirant (4)
  • Rifleman rampant (2)
  • Rifleman en mêlée (2)


  • Useful historic poses.
  • Têtes avec la casquette M.1914 »service cap« may be used to convert EMHAR Infanterie Britannique figurines for the 1914-1915 period of the war.
  • The rifleman rampant peut être convertie en perte.
  • Compatible avec EMHAR, et Revell.
  • Bad choice of subject, the troops portrayed in this set did not serve in France, although they may be used pour représenter des bataillons de Kitchner forming et training en Grande-Bretagne.
  • The figurines are portrayed in full marching order, avec pack, which was not normally worn in combat.
  • The equipment is incomplete: haversack, entrenching tool, bayonet scabbard, et canteen are missing on most figurines. Some figurines are wearing the canteen incorrectly on the left hip.
  • The trench mortar et machine gun are not detailed enough. The assistant machine gunner does not have any belted ammunition on him.
  • The pack of the rifleman courant is cast incompletely.
  • Noticeable flash et mould lines need to be removed prior to painting.
  • The painting instructions on the HaT box are incorrect, the uniform should be kaki britannique, not olive green. The front box cover shows the same figurines painted dark brown avec bleached webbing, which is incorrect as well. The M.1914 infantry set was made from brown leather.

Emploi Historique

  • Bataillons de Kitchener, 1915

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Bataillons de Kitchener, 1916–1918.
    The figurines are fitted avec new heads en casque Brodie M.1916.

These Airfix figurines are dressed incorrectly to be useful to the joueurs de guerre ou dioramistes. Modélistes sérieux may want to convert the figurines pour représenter soldats des bataillons de Kitchener en infantry set M.1914 in conjunction avec le casque Brodie M.1916.

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