Semi-chenillé M5A1

Revue de la Maquette Airfix au 1/76

Semi-chenillé M5A1, 1/76 Maquette Airfix 02318

The Airfix model shown here is advertised as un semi-chenillé M3A1, but the flat section mudguards, the hinged top section of the hull sides, et the véhicule dimensions point to a M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage supplied à la Grande-Bretagne under Lend-Lease et re-converted en configuration semi-chenillé M5A1. The stowage racks on either side of the véhicule have been left off to simulate an M14 conversion which had not received the racks. The M5A1 has been painted Humbrol 159 Kaki Drab, highlighted avec 30% white. The .50 cal. Browning M2 included in the kit has been left off, because the véhicule will be fitted avec a .303 Bren light machine gun. External stowage may be added to further detail le semi-chenillé.



  • Choix de sujet excellent, converted M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriages were used comme transports de troupes semi-chenillés M5 et M5A1 in the bataillon d’infanterie motorisé attached to unités blindées britanniques.
  • Scale model avec good detail.
  • Compatible avec Fujimi, Matchbox, Nitto, Crusader Models, JB Models, Milicast et Cromwell Models.
  • The Airfix model is incorrectly advertised as un semi-chenillé M3A1 White serving avec the US Army in Normandy, when in fact it is une conversion britannique de l’IHC M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage manufactured by International Harvester Co. of Chicago, Illinois, en autochenille M5A1.
  • The engine compartment is slightly distorted et needs careful adjusting to achieve a better fit.
  • Parts No. 36 et No. 37 are labeled incorrectly in the instruction manual. Part No. 36 should be mounted on the right bumper, Part No. 37 on the left bumper.
  • Part No. 31, jerry can, was marred by a sink hole.
  • Part No. 40, ring mount, was not cast correctly.
  • No optional parts. Side et rear doors et armoured windshield covers are provided in the buttoned-down position only. The Fujimi M5A1 is the better choice for collectionistes interested in modelling le semi-chenillé avec open windows.

The Airfix model du Semi-chenillé M5A1 is an excellent choice for joueurs de guerre who look for cheap et serviceable véhicules de transport de troupes to equip their bataillons motorisés britanniques. Le semi-chenillé M5A1 de chez Airfix is perfectly compatible avec le semi-chenillé M5A1 avec cabestan de chez Fujimi, which offers more detail et a better variety of modelling option.

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