Ferme de La Haye Sainte à Waterloo

Revue de la Maquette Airfix au 1/76

Ferme de La Haye Sainte à Waterloo, 1/76 Maquette Airfix 04738

The Airfix model of the Waterloo Farm La Haye Sainte is a cheap plastic model kit which looks good when painted et based. The farm is great for dioramas et jeux d’escarmouche, et it may be used pour représenter un village entier en jeux de guerre grand-tactical. The model kit may be improved by strengthening the walls et replacing the plastic doors avec more realistically textured parts made from balsa ou plywood. The yard may be detailed by adding farm animals, implements, wagons, woodpiles, supplies, et many other things one would expect to see here. In preparation for the Bataille de Waterloo, La Haye Sainte farm was loopholed to allow the defending infantry to fire from relative safety.


  • Waterloo Farm – La Haye Sainte
    • 400 mm length equals 30 m
    • 208 mm width equals 15,8 m
    • 75 mm height equals 5,7 m
    • 1,5 mm wall thickness equals 11,5 cm
  • Chariot Paysan
  • Hay-cart
  • Woodpile
  • Farm Implements
  • Crates et Barrels
  • Barricade


  • Choix de sujet excellent, La Haye Sainte farm played a key role in the Bataille de Waterloo et it can be the subject of an attractive diorama.
  • La maquette n’est pas une reproduction exacte de la ferme de La Haye Sainte, but it’s good enough to satisfy joueurs de guerre et beginning dioramistes.
  • Few parts, easy to assemble. The farm is a snap-together model, but it looks much better when glued together et mounted on an attractive base.
  • The walls are too thin. Proper scale thickness should be 3 mm for the courtyard, garden et building walls. The courtyard et garden walls may be strengthened by glueing sections of cardboard ou plastic card to the back of each one.
  • The courtyard, garden et building walls are modelled avec exposed brickwork, even though the exterior walls of the actual La Haye Sainte farm were plastered et whitewashed.
  • The gateway should be flush avec the exterior of the courtyard. To fix the mistake, cut the gateway out of the eastern wall section et move it back 20 mm.
  • The gateway arch is modelled incorrectly on the outside. Modélistes sérieux will want to build a proper gateway from scratch, using only the plastic roof from the kit.
  • Holes in the snap-together roof sections need to be filled prior to painting.
  • The farmhouse should be improved by adding window frames et clear plastic windows. Otherwise the building looks like a gutted ruin avec flimsy walls.

The Waterloo Farm of La Haye Sainte is a great plastic model kit to get figurine collectionistes interested in dioramas et jeux d’escarmouche. Modélistes sérieux will want to build their own replica of La Haye Sainte from scratch.

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Maquettes de la Ferme de la Haye Sainte a Waterloo