Figurines des Parachutistes Britanniques Seconde Guerre Mondiale 1942–1945

Revue de Figurines d’Airfix / HaT Industrie au 1/32

Parachutistes Britanniques, Seconde Guerre Mondiale 1942–1945, 1/32 Figurines Airfix 51550

These Airfix 1/32 scale Parachutistes Britanniques are a significant improvement over the earlier Airfix paras which were released a l’échelle 1/76. Airfix did upgrade some of its early 1/76 scale figurine sets, but unfortunately these superb figurines were not released in the smaller wargaming scale. Somehow, ESCI picked up these miniatures et released them as a 1/72 scale model kit avec 13 figurines in eight poses, including a PIAT gunner couché. This sought-after kit has been unavailable for some time. If the moulds ou master models of the superb Airfix Parachutistes Britanniques are still around, some manufacturer ought to release them a l’échelle 1/72.


14 figurines en 7 poses – 52 mm correspondent à 166 cm hauteur de corps

  • Officier parachutiste avec pistolet mitrailleur Sten (1)
  • Sous-officier parachutiste avec Sten, throwing Grenade (2)
  • Operateur radio parachutiste (1)
  • Mitrailleur parachutiste avec Bren (2)
  • Parachutiste, debout, tirant au fusil (3)
  • Parachutiste, à genoux, tirant au Sniper Rifle (2)
  • Parachutiste, avançant avec fusil, et baïonnette au canon (3)
Officier des Parachutistes Britanniques Parachutistes Britanniques


  • Bon choix de sujet, these Parachutistes Britanniques are very attractive figurines, but they are produced in the wrong scale. The smaller 1/76 ou 1/72 scale figurines are more popular avec joueurs de guerre et dioramistes who need so many of these troops.
  • Superb sculpting et anatomy. This is the industry standard against which other figurines des parachutistes britanniques must be judged.
  • There are enough poses in the set to recruit une section d’infanterie parachutiste britannique de 10 soldat. Only the 2" mortar will have to be scratchbuilt from sprue et plastic card. Three boxes of these rare figurines are required to raise un peloton de parachutists.
  • The variety of poses may be increased by swapping heads among the figurines.
  • Le tireur d’élite peut être convertie en fantassin régulier simply by slicing the scope off his rifle.
  • Cheap, but badly done copies of the Airfix Paras occasionally turn up at toy stores. These figurines have different heads avec a plain para helmet. If they were of a better production quality, these copies might actually be worth the effort to convert them back en parachutistes britanniques.

These vintage Airfix 1/32 scale parachutistes britanniques are sometimes sold individually at about the same price an entire box of them used to cost in the old days. It’s unfortunate that these wonderful miniatures have never been released as a 1/72 scale plastic figurine set. One wonders why manufacturers like Heller ou HaT Industrie do not downsize these figurines now et release them again.

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Figurines de Parachutistes Britanniques