Automoteur Soviétique Samokhodnaya Ustanovka SU-152 (Zveraboy)

Canon Anti-Char Automoteur Soviétique SU-152

The SU-152 assault gun first saw action at the battle of Kursk en 1943, where it earned its nickname »Animal Killer« in reference to charss Tiger, Panther, et Elefant allemands it faced in that battle. The véhicule used the hull et chassis of the KV-I.S heavy tank. Only a few of the 704 SU-152 built during the war were still in operation en 1945, the véhicule had been replaced by the ISU-152 assault gun. The SU-152 was attached to regiments et divisions of the armoured artillery, infantry divisions, et armoured corps. SU-152s were replaced avec ISU-152s beginning en 1944, et it is not certain that any survived to take part in the Battle for Berlin. The SU-152 was the only major new KV variant at the beginning of 1943 (it was initially designated KV-14).

Maquettes disponibles

  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/35 Ark Models 35025
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy) early production (04/1943), 1/35 Bronco 35113
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy) late production (09/1943), 1/35 Bronco 35109
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/35 Eastern Express 35103
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/35 Trumpeter 01571
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy) late production, 1/35 Trumpeter 05568
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/72 Zebrano 72016
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/76 Ostmodels R15
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/76 Red Star Models RS 73
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/87 KOMO/ROCO 1242
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/100 Roskopf 9
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/285 GHQ R28
  • SU-152 (Zveraboy), 1/300 Heroics&Ros S51

Spécifications Techniques

  • SU-152 Assault Gun
  • Moteur: model V2 12 cylinder water-cooled, 520 hp
  • Vitesse: 37 km/h
  • Capacité essence:
  • Consommation de carburant:
  • Autonomie: 240 km
  • Longueur: 11.23 m
  • Largeur: 3.36 m
  • Hauteur: 2.68 m
  • Poids: 50 tons
  • Armor: 20 mm to 110 mm
  • Armement: Model 1937 152 mm howitzer et 28 rounds
  • Portée efficace:
  • Cadence de tir:
  • Gun Elevation:
  • Gun Traverse:
  • Équipage: chef de char, conducteur, tireur, chargeur, radio-pourvoyeur (if a radio was carried)

Déploiement Historique

  • Armée Soviétique, Juillet 1943–1954
    Heavy self-propelled artillery regiments consisted of 21 véhicules, deployed in batteries of 3 véhicules each.

Possibilités de Conversions

  • SU-122. Not a necessary conversion, since the SU-122 is available from the same manufacturer.


Les chars KV-1 were quickly phased out après la Bataille de Kursk, seulement le SU-152 se distinguait à Kursk, where le 1r régiment de canons d’assaut lourds claimed 12 chars Tiger, et 7 chasseurs de chars Ferdinand. Thus the nickname »Animal Killer«. Le SU-152 was withdrawn from service en 1954.

Patrick Storto

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