Pandours de la Grenz-Infanterie Autrichienne

Revue de Figurines de Baccus au 1/220

6e (Varazdin) St. Georger Régiment, Grenz-Infanterie

Grenzers of the 6e (Varaždin) St. Georger Régiment. These 1/220 scale miniatures are mounted on a 38 × 38 mm bataillon stand, compatible avec the Volley & Bayonet game system, which représente un bataillon de 500 soldats en ordre d’escarmouche. Two ou three of these stands are needed to field a Grenz-Régiment on campaign.

Baccus6mm Pandours are 8 mm tall, et they are sold in bags of 48 figurines. Small scale miniatures like these are perfect for wargames, et mass scenes in historical dioramas.


48 figurines en 2 poses – 8 mm correspondent à 176 cm hauteur de corps

  • Grenzer (Pandour), tirant
  • Grenzer (Pandour), loading


  • Choix de sujet excellent. Baccus Grenzers may be painted comme infanterie irréguliaire autrichienne, russe, ou prussienne of the period. The figurines are sculpted avec round cuffs, making them most suitable as Pandours du 5e au 9e Grenz-Régiment autrichien.
  • Suitable poses. The firing et loading figurines are beautifully sculpted, despite their small size, et they look very realistic when painted. The Grenzers carry a water bottle et ammunition pouch, but they seem to have dropped their pack et rolled cloak prior to battle.
  • Good casting quality, the figurines are practically free of flash. Only a mould line across the shako top needs to be removed prior to painting.
  • Plusieur joueurs de guerre use 1/220 scale figurines to fight large battles on a small playing surface. Others maintain the suggested base sizes of a particular rule set, but mount smaller figurines on them to achieve the more realistic look of massed formations.
  • Compatible avec buildings, terrain, et model railroad accessories in Z scale.
  • Incompatible avec the noticeably smaller 1/300 scale Croates available from Heroics&Ros, although they may be deployed in the same army if used in different regiments.
  • Irregular troops need to be available in many different poses escarmouchant, including figurines à genoux, observing, commanding, avançant, et courant, to appear less uniform when mounted sur socles d’escarmouche.
  • The cavalry sabre carried by these figurines is too short, et it does not seem to be curved at all.

Emploi Historique

  • 5e et 6e (Varaždin) Grenz-Régiment
  • 7e to 9e (Slavonski) Grenz-Régiment

Possibilités de Conversions

  • 1r to 4e (Karlovac) Grenz-Régiment (Croates), avec pointed cuffs
  • 10e et 11e (Banat) Grenz-Régiment, avec pointed cuffs
  • Pandours von der Trenck
  • Croates Verts du Corps Franc Prussien de Kleist
  • Pandours Russes

Baccus6mm Grenzers are prefect for simulation games du 18e siècle. Figurines a l’échelle 1/220 require less space, et they are easy to paint en masse.

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Figurines de la Grenz-Infanterie Autrichienne pendant la Guerre de Sept Ans