Bataillon Parachutiste Britannique, 1944

Table of Organisation & Equipment

Parachutistes Britanniques 1944

En 1944, the Parachute Battalion had a full strength of 613 men, including 29 officiers et 584 autres rangs. The parachute infantry section de dix hommes was divided into two tactical maneuver elements, a gun group of three men, et a rifle group of six men, commanded par un sergent. The gun group was equipped avec a Bren light machine gun, a 2″ mortar, et a sniper rifle. Depending on the tactical situation, le sergent would lead the gun group ou rifle group, et the Corporal took charge of the other element. Presumably, the Lance-Corporal attached to each parachute infantry section was a member of the gun group. Headquarters de pelotons parachutistes had fewer hommes than infantry platoon headquarters, because there was no 2″ mortar at the platoon level. Instead, each parachute infantry section was equipped avec a 2″ mortar.

Parachute Battalion, 1944

  • Battalion Headquarters
    • Lieutenant-Colonel, Battalion Commander
    • Major, 2nd in Command
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Medical Officer
    • 22 Men, including sous-officiers, regimental policemen, batmen, et orderlies
  • Headquarters Company
    • Company Headquarters
      • Officier, Chef de Compagnie
      • 10 Men
    • Administrative Platoon
      • 3 Officiers
      • 62 men
    • Intelligence Section
      • Officier
      • 8 Men
      • 8 Sniper Rifles
    • Peloton de Transmissions
      • Officier, Chef de Peloton
      • 27 Men
      • 10 Airborne Bicycles
    • Peloton de Mortiers
      • Officier, Chef de Peloton
      • 40 Men
      • Mortier de 3″
      • Mortier de 3″
      • Mortier de 3″
      • Mortier de 3″
    • Peloton de Mortiers
      • Officier, Chef de Peloton
      • 40 Men
      • Mortier de 3″ ou mitrailleuse lourde Vickers
      • Mortier de 3″ ou mitrailleuse lourde Vickers
      • Mortier de 3″ ou mitrailleuse lourde Vickers
      • Mortier de 3″ ou mitrailleuse lourde Vickers
    • Peloton Antichar
      • Officier, Chef de Peloton
      • 39 Men
      • 10 PIAT armes portatives antichar
      • Section Antichar
      • Section Antichar
      • Section Antichar
  • A Company
    • Company HQ
      • Major, Chef de Compagnie
      • Captain, 2nd IC
      • Company Sergeant Major
      • 12 Men
    • 1st Platoon
      • Platoon HQ
        • Lieutenant, Chef de Peloton, Pistolet
        • Sergeant, pistolet mitrailleur Sten
        • Batman, Rifle
        • Runner, Rifle
        • PIAT & mitrailleuse Bren
      • Rifle Section
        • Sergeant, Section Commander, pistolet mitrailleur Sten
        • Gun Group
          • Lance-Corporal, Sniper Rifle
          • Bren Gunner, pistolet et mitrailleuse Bren
          • Mortarman, pistolet et 2″ Mortar
        • Rifle Group
          • Corporal, pistolet mitrailleur Sten
          • 5 Riflemen
      • Rifle Section (comme ci-dessus)
      • Rifle Section (comme ci-dessus)
    • 2nd Platoon (comme ci-dessus)
    • 3rd Platoon (comme ci-dessus)
  • B Company (comme ci-dessus)
  • C Company (comme ci-dessus)

Joueurs de Guerre are well advised to deploy parachute infantry sections avec two tactical maneuver elements, one gun group et one rifle group, which are considered half-squads ou fireteams by many popular game systems. Doing so, provides les pelotons parachutistes britanniques avec the improved articulation et firepower of elite forces which made a significant difference in combat.

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