Royal Marine Commando Britannique, 1944

Alternate Unit Organisation for Crossfire Rules

Royal Marine Commando Britannique, 1942–1945

A Royal Marine Commando Section based for Crossfire Rules designed by Arty Conliffe. The Commando section consists of seven Crossfire stands: Chef de Peloton, two Bren Groups, two Rifle Groups, Sniper, et a 2″ Mortar Team. Crossfire Rules normally convert one infantry section into one infantry stand for gaming purposes. However, les Commandos Britanniques were much better articulated than regular infantry, which is why we use fire teams ou half squads to recreate them. Doing so, gives our Commando Troop de 60 hommes approximately the same number of figurine stands as a whole company of regular infantry. The Commandos were well trained et officered, et they should be more than a match for the rear echelon et garrison troops they often encountered on their raids. Suitable Marine Commando figurines may be converted from Airfix, ESCI et Revell parachutistes britanniques en Marine Commando Denison Smock et casque Brodie M.1916.

Royal Marine Commando Troop 1944

  • Troop Headquarters:
    • CC +2 - Chef de Compagnie
  • No. 1 Section:
    • PC +2 - Chef de Peloton/Hero
    • Assault Sub-Section
      • Rifle Group
      • Bren Group
    • No. 2 Sub-Section
      • Rifle Group
      • Bren Group
    • Support Sub-Section
      • 2″ mortar team
      • Sniper avec rifle, et telescopic sights
  • No. 2 Section:
    • PC +1 - Chef de Peloton/Hero
    • Assault Sub-Section, comme ci-dessus
    • No. 2 Sub-Section, comme ci-dessus
    • Support Sub-Section, comme ci-dessus

Groupes de fusiliers peuvent être convertis en groupes de mitraillettes en certain scenarios. Bren groups fire avec 3 dice. Some Bren groups were equipped avec deux mitrailleuses Bren in which case they may fire avec 4 dice. Each Commando section is considered a platoon for command control purposes. One Captain, two Lieutenants, the RSM, two Sergeants, et three orderlies may be used to fill the CC stand et the two PC/Hero positions.

Royal Marine Heavy Weapons Troop 1944

  • Troop Headquarters: (may be mounted in Jeeps)
    • CC +1 - Chef de Compagnie
  • Escouade de Mortiers de 3″: (may be mounted in Jeeps)
    • Mortier de 3″ team
    • Forward Observer
    • Mortier de 3″ team
    • Forward Observer
  • Machine Gun Section: (may be mounted in Jeeps)
    • .303 Vickers MG team
    • .303 Vickers MG team

Royal Marine Commando stands have Special Unit command control, they may move independently from a PC.

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