Petit Soldats

Revue de Figurines de BULLYLAND au 1/20

Petit Soldats, 1/20 BULLYLAND

Modern soldiers wearing woodland pattern camouflage uniforms on patrol in a remote sector of the garden. These 90 mm ready-painted toy soldiers are perfect for garden wargaming. Les figurines représentent generic modern infantry, using a variety of US et NATO equipment. There are no opponents for these troops, but BULLYLAND offers a range of compatible pre-historic animals like the Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Liliensternus, Batrachotomus, Dilophosaurus, Sabre-Tooth Tigre, Wholly Rhino, et Mammouth Géant, which can be used to great effect in a "what-if" garden jeux d’escarmouche. Super-Heros like Spiderman et Batman are available to fight alongside these troops.


  • Officier/NCO avec Assault-Rifle et Flash-Light, 1/20 Bullyland 56503
  • Medic, à genoux, avec Red Cross Flag, 1/20 Bullyland 56501
  • Soldat avec Lance-Roquette Antichar, 1/20 Bullyland 56502
  • Soldier, saluting, avec M-16 Assault Rifle, 1/20 Bullyland 56505
  • Desert Soldier, saluting, avec M-16 Assault Rifle, 1/20 Bullyland 56507
  • Soldier, à genoux, avec Rifle, 1/20 Bullyland 56504
  • Desert Soldier, à genoux, avec Rifle, 1/20 Bullyland 56506
  • Soldier avec Assault-Rifle, couché, 1/20 Bullyland 56500
BULLYLAND Soldats au 1/20


  • Choix de sujet excellent, these modern soldiers are unique a l’échelle 1/20.
  • Realistic poses suitable for wargaming. Les soldats debout, couchés, et à genoux are in typical combat poses which do not look out of place even if used several times in a section ou fire team. Individual figurines may be customized avec painted rank badges et unit insignia to differentiate them from similar hommes in their squad. The figurines show a lot of individual character, et they will be fun to play with.
  • Sold fully painted et ready to play. The paint is flexible et will stay on even if the figurines are handled frequently. However, the paint will rub off at the edges of boots, packs, et weapons if figurines are tossed around carelessly.
  • Compatible avec LGB Lehmann G-scale garden railroad equipment, figurines en plastique des civils modernes, pre-historic animals, et fantasy figurines a l’échelle 1/20 à 1/22,5.
  • Made from PVC-free soft plastic.
  • The fatigue blouse of the soldat couché a été seulement partiellement peinte. Les bras montrent un camouflage de trois couleurs, mais le front et l’arrière de la veste est du vert olive uniforme.

BULLYLAND 1/20 scale modern soldiers are good value for money. The troops are sold fully painted et ready to play, saving le joueur d’escarmouche moderne a lot of valuable time.

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