Mécaniciens de Chars Allemands

Revue de Figurines de C-P Models au 1/72

Mécaniciens de Chars Allemands, 1/72 Figurines C-P Models TQD01

C-P Models offers a unique set of mécaniciens de chars allemands which may be used to convert un tracteur semi-chenillé moyen ou lourd d’artillerie en véhicule de dépannage. These figurines are 23 to 24 mm tall, well proportioned, et slender enough to be compatible avec 1/72 scale plastic figurines. The highly decorated NCO Panzer Mechanic wears the ribbon of the Iron Cross attached to his tunic. The figurine poses are designed for a miniature diorama depicting a typical véhicule recovery scene.


5 figurines en 5 poses – 23/24 mm correspondent à 166 to 172 cm hauteur de corps

  • Panzerwart, Unteroffizier, hollering
  • Panzerwart directing the recovery véhicule
  • Panzerwart pulling a tow-cable
  • Panzerwart carrying a tow-cable connector
  • Panzerwart standing guard


  • Choix de sujet excellent. Les mécaniciens de chars allemands are unique in this scale et they are nicely compatible avec Revell’s Famo 18-ton recovery véhicule.
  • Excellent historic poses, the figurines are in the process of recovering a stricken véhicule. One man is pulling a tow cable, while others are directing le conducteur du recovery véhicule, carrying equipment, et guarding the scene.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, et Reviresco.
  • The figurines are primarily designed for dioramas. The tiny figurine bases are easily removed ou slotted into a suitable diorama base. Joueurs de Guerre may want to reduce the height of the bases by filing them down, before gluing the figurine to a standard wargame base ou véhicule stand.

These Panzer Mechanics are an excellent addition to the growing range of 1/72 scale compatible metal miniatures. Joueurs de guerre may deploy these figurines on a Sd.Kfz. 7 ou Sd.Kfz. 9 véhicule stand to convert an artillery prime mover into a recovery véhicule.

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