Panzerknacker Tueurs de Chars

Revue de Figurines de C-P Models au 1/72

Panzerknacker Tueurs de Chars, 1/72 Figurines C-P Models WH16

C-P Models offers a set of five Wehrmacht Panzerknacker figurines suitable for the 1943 to 1945 period of the war. Ces figurines représentent soldats from different units of the Wehrmacht, some wearing camouflage smocks et helmet covers, others in late war uniform avec falling collar. These figurines are 23 to 24 mm tall, well proportioned, et slender enough to be compatible avec 1/72 scale plastic miniatures. The kneeling man (5), throwing une mine antichar, seems to be straight out of an old Wehrmacht training manual. The question remains then et now: how far do you throw une Tellermine antichar de 9,4 kg to avoid the blast?


5 figurines en 5 poses – 23/24 mm correspondent à 166 - 172 cm hauteur de corps

  • Sous-officier avec Haft-Hohlladung (1944) magnetic hollow-charge
  • Panzerknacker, avançant avec geballte Ladung stick grenade cluster
  • Panzerknacker seated avec Faustpatrone/Panzerfaust 50 Klein (1942)
  • Panzerknacker avec Faustpatrone/Panzerfaust 50 Klein (1942), à genoux
  • Panzerknacker, à genoux, throwing Tellermine 35 Stahl (1942)


  • Choix de sujet excellent. Figurines des tueurs de chars allemands have been covered in other figurine sets, but these five figurines are clearly into the job at hand.
  • Useful historic poses.
  • Compatible avec Revell, et Reviresco.
  • Considering that la Teller-Mine allemande was nearly 4 inches thick, Panzerknacker Nr. 5 might be better advised to hold it by the handle, rather than between his thumb et fingers. In a kneeling position, the best he can hope for is to toss the mine into a roadway et pray that it slides the extra inches to hit the approaching tank’s running gear.

These Panzerknacker figurines are well sculpted et nicely compatible avec existing 1/72 scale plastic troops. They may be deployed individually pour représenter tank busters operating on their own initiative, ou mixed into regular troops stands to indicate any tank busting capability the unit might have. Mixed into an infantry stand, les tueurs de chars avançants et a genou sont inconspicuous enough to avoid detection on the wargame table.

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