Camion Amphibie GMC DUKW-353 »DUCK« 2,5 t, 6x6

DC DUCK en sortant de l’eau - Camion Amphibie GMC DUKW-353, 2,5 t, 6x6 – photo by Cameron Davidson

The DUKW was an amphibious cargo véhicule based on the chassis of the Camion léger-lourd GMC CCKW 2,5 t 6x6. The véhicule was standardized in Octobre of 1942, et remained in production until the end of the war. Ducks were first used by la 8e Armée Britannique during the invasion of Sicily. RASC companies attached to 8th Army had 230 DUKWs available to land stores et canons antichar. Later they ferried stores across the Straits of Messina, et participated in the landings at Anzio et Salerno. DUKWs proved very valuable during river crossings en Italie, north-west Europe, et Burma. Many Ducks remain in operation even today; they are used by yacht clubs, et by sightseeing tour operators in Boston, Massachusetts, et Washington, DC. The DC DUCK shown here was photographed by Cameron Davidson.

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Spécifications Techniques

  • GMC DUKW-353
  • Type: Camion 2.5 ton, 6x6, Amphibian
  • Moteur: GMC 270, 6-cylinder, I-I-W-F, 4417 cc, 77.5 KW @ 3000 rpm
  • Transmission: 5F1R, 2 gear ratios
  • Vitesse: 72 km/h sur route, 6 knots in water
  • Longueur: 9456 mm
  • Largeur: 2517 mm
  • Hauteur: 2695 mm
  • Empattement: 4167 mm, Bogie Centers 1118 mm
  • Poids: 6840 kg
  • Charge utile: 2268 kg, 25 Troops, ou 12 Stretchers
  • Armement: 0.50 cal. AA Machine Gun (optional)
  • Équipage: commandant, conducteur
  • Production: 1942–1945

Museum Exhibits

US-Army GMC DUKW-353, Technik-Museum Speyer, Allemagne

US-Army GMC DUKW-353, Technik-Museum Speyer, Allemagne

Déploiement Historique

  • Armée US (Seconde Guerre mondiale, Guerre de Corée)
  • Armée Française (Seconde Guerre mondiale, Indochina Conflict)
  • Armée Britannique (Seconde Guerre mondiale)
  • Bundeswehr Allemande, 1958-1965

The DUKW is a must-have pour joueurs de guerre, modélistes et collectionistes. The véhicule was involved in all major naval landings et river crossings from 1943, et it served in a variety of important transport roles. The pontoon-style body makes the Duck an interesting subject of a diorama.

Photo of DC Duck by Cameron Davidson

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