Campagne d’Ulm
25 Septembre a 20 Octobre 1805


In Octobre of 1805 the towns et villages north et east of Ulm were the scene of heavy fighting entre troupes françaises et autrichiennes. L’armée autrichienne commanded by General Mack was initially deployed south of the Danube, avec its left flank anchored on the fortified city of Ulm et the right flank at Rain, just south of Donauwörth. Napoleon’s Grande Armée succeeded in turning la flanque autrichienne by crossing the Danube east of Ulm et placing itself in the enemy’s rear. On 8 Octobre Maréchal Murat defeated une force autrichienne at Wertingen, southwest of Rain. The following day, Maréchal Ney attacked Günzburg from the North et captured the bridges across the Danube.

General Mack withdrew his army in the direction of Ulm, et fought several engagements to break the impending encirclement which culminated in the Bataille de Ulm.

  • Affaire de Wertingen (Bavière), 8 Octobre 1805
  • Affaire de Günzburg (Bavière), 9 Octobre 1805
  • Engagement at Haslach-Jungingen, 11 Octobre 1805
  • Affaire de Elchingen (Oberelchingen), 14 Octobre 1805
  • Affaire de Michelsberg (Ulm), 16 Octobre 1805
  • Bataille de Ulm, 17 Octobre 1805

Failing to extricate his army from Ulm, General Mack was compelled to surrender on 20 Octobre 1805.

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Campagnes des Guerres Napoléoniennes, 1805–1815