Conversion de Figurines

Bonding Soft Plastic Figurines et Accessories

Cuirassiers et arquebusiers bavarois devant une redoute impériale

Converting soft plastic figurines made of Polyethylene (PE) ou Polypropylene (PP) can be difficult, because there is no reliable adhesive for these types of plastic. PE et PP plastics have a particularly smoothe et wax-like surface which does not moisten well. Paint ou glue does not stick, because the glue molecules cannot form a surface bond avec the plastic molecules. There are complicated et expensive industrial processes which will bond Polyethylen und Polypropylen plastics, using the corona process ou low temperature plasma. However, these bonding processes are too expensive to be used for military modelling purposes.

Adhesives et Bonding Techniques

  • Soldering
  • Pinning & Fixing
  • Rai-Ro Adhesive Wax (brown)
  • K+S Polyolefin Adhesive Set
  • Pattex Blitz Plastik flüssig
  • Loctite / Pattex "All Plastics" ou "SuperPlastics"

There are a number of useful bonding techniques which may be used in the conversion of soft plastic figurines made of Polyethylen (PE) oder Polypropylen (PP). Joueurs de Guerre typically opt for the more secure bonds, because their figurines are handled frequently during simulation games.

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