Infanterie de Marine Allemande, 1871–1918

Revue de Figurines de Copplestone Castings au 1/56

Infanterie de Marine Allemande, 1871–1918, 1/56 Figurines Copplestone

Copplestone Castings produce infanterie de marine impériale allemande en uniforme tropical, armed avec the Mauser M/71 Kaliber 11 mm bolt-action rifle which was upgraded to the M/71.84 repeating rifle avec 8-round tubular magazine en 1884. The Mauser M/71 et M/71.84 saw combat in the African colonial wars until la Grande Guerre, although les fantassins de marine allemande are likely to have replaced their M/71 rifles avec the Mauser Gewehr 98 which became available avant la Première Guerre mondiale. As was typical des fantassins de marine allemande et autres troupes d’élite, these soldiers march et fight avec their tunics et collars perfectly buttoned, regardless of weather conditions. Seebataillon officiers et sous-officiers saw to it that their hommes did not adopt the more practical campaign dress of the Schutztruppe, et the marines suffered beaucoup de pertes from heatstroke as a result.


10 figurines en 10 poses – 31 mm correspondent à 174 cm hauteur de corps a l’échelle 1/56


Choix de sujet excellent, l’infanterie de marine allemande du Seebataillon served in several colonial campaigns in China et Africa.

Suitable wargame poses. Ces fantassins d’infanterie de marine sont avançant en skeleton equipment without backpacks, et there are 10 randomely selected variants des poses avançant en chaque boîte. There is minimal flash, but tiny mould lines along the side of the helmet et across the back of the uniform ought to be scraped off prior to painting.

The imperial eagle badge et une cocarde nationale on the sun helmet are well detailed et easy to paint. Un couvre kaki du casque tropical was issued, but not always worn. The figurines do not show NCO chevrons ou piping which will have to be painted on to indicate rank.

The model of the Mauser M/71 rifle is 23,5 mm long, ou 1/62 scale, compared to the actual 1448 mm length of the original Mauser M/71 et M/71.84 bolt-action rifle. The later Mauser Gewehr 98 bolt-action rifle is noticeably shorter, only 1250 mm long, et the bolt lever does not stand out sideways like that of the Mauser M/71.

Compatible avec Pulp Figurines, Reviresco, Sloppy Jalopy, et other 1/56 scale miniatures.

Les fantassins de marine impériale allemande produced by Copplestone Castings are must-have for joueurs de guerre interested in the Révolte des Boxers, Herero Uprising et many other colonial campaigns which involved one of the trois bataillons d’infanterie de marine allemande.

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Infanterie de Marine Impériale Allemande