S3 - Corvette de la Classe Flower

Corvette de la Classe Flower, H.M.C.S. Snowberry, 1/72 Maquette Revell 05061

Escort ships of the Flower Class were derived from the collaboration de l’Amirauté britannique et the Smiths Dock Company, which en 1938 had a successful design for a commercial whaler called the Southern Pride. The main feature of this original design was that in accordance avec merchant shipping practice it could easily be built in many small dockyards britanniques et its basic engines could be handled by chantiers navals civils. Sixty Corvette Classe Flowers had been ordered before war broke out et by the end of 1940 a total of 141 of the original design had been ordered. The first vessel (launched on 24.01.1940) was completed in 5 months, the subsequent ones at a rate of one every 23 days. Once it had been decided that corvettes were no longer to be used as coastal escort ships, but on high seas, some modifications had to be made.

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Spécifications Techniques

  • Displacement: 940 t
  • Power Plant: 4-cylinder triple-expansion/Scotch boiler
  • Capacity: 2,750 WPS
  • Vitesse: 16 kn
  • Autonomie: 4000 miles at 12 kts
  • Armement:
    • 4" SL gun
    • 2 pdr pom-pom gun
    • Radar
    • deux canons de 20 mm Oerlikon (antiaérien)
    • deux twin mitrailleuses .303 Lewis (antiaérien)
    • Anti-submarine depth charges
    • Hedgehog anti-submarine weapon (late 1941)
    • Modern electronics (1943)
  • Équipage: 47 hommes
  • Production: 265 units

Joueurs de Guerre will find the 1/72 scale Corvette Classe Flower suitable for commando raids et small landings. These vessels served sous équipages britanniques, canadiens, et américains throughout the war.

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