Blücher à Leipzig, 1813

Revue de la Figurine del Prado au 1/30

Blücher à Leipzig, 1813, 1/30 Figurine del Prado 001

On 26 Février 1813, Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, aged 71, was given command de l’Armée de Silésie which consisted du 1r Corps (Yorck) prussien et troupes russes sous généraux Langeron et Sacken. From 16 to 19 Octobre 1813 l’Armée de Silésie fought at the Bataille de Nations at Leipzig alongside other allied contingents. Napoléon was defeated at Leipzig et compelled to retreat toward the Rhine river. On the first day of the New Year 1814 Blücher’s Rhine-Crossing at Kaub breached the Rhine river defenses et the allied armies continued their advance on Paris. Napoléon abdicated in Avril of 1814, following the allied occupation of Paris at the end of March.


  • Horse et rider are nicely sculpted et correctly proportioned.
  • Blücher’s horse is 171 cm tall, comparable in size to a heavy cavalry mount which could be anywhere from 157 to 179 cm tall. Les chevaux des cuirassiers prussiens were 166 cm tall on average.
  • The 16-page Osprey booklet which comes avec the figurine includes several colour illustrations. The text describes Blücher’s military carreer from a 15-year old hussar lieutenant en service suédois to General-Fieldmarshall de l’armee prussienne.
  • Excellent value for money: Blücher costs only 4.95 €.
  • Compatible avec figurines militaires et civiles de chez King & Country en 1/30.
  • The Osprey booklet shows Blücher wearing a grey military greatcoat avec grey cape, but the figurine is wearing a darkblue greatcoat avec grey cape.

The manufacturer, del Prado, offers this 1/30 figurine at a very competitive price. Generalfeldmarschall von Blücher advertises the newly released del Prado series "Cavalerie des Guerres Napoléoniennes". Being an old husar, Blücher probably would have appreciated the honor.

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