Soldat des Carabinieri à Pied Italiens, 1815

Revue de Figurines del Prado au 1/30

Soldat des Carabinieri à Pied Italiens, 1815, 1/30 Figurine del Prado

The Carabinieri Reali (royal Carabinieri) were established on 13 Juillet 1814 by decree of King Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia-Piemont. They were to serve as paramilitary police when the Gendarmerie Française withdrew from Piemont. From 1726 until the occupation française du Piemont, the volunteer force of Dragoni di Sardegna had been in charge of police duty in the kingdom. They became the Reggimento Cavalleggeri di Sardegna en 1808.

The newly raised Carabiniere Reali consisted of foot et mounted detachments, serving as officiers de police, police militaire, et troupes de combat, they have since participated in all major campaigns de l’armée italienne. The Carabinieri had their baptism of fire at the Bataille de Grenoble, 6 Juillet 1815, when mounted Carabiniere charged the opposing armée française et contributed to the victorious outcome of the engagment.

The 1/30 scale del Prado figurine shown here, is a Carabinieri a piedi in summer dress, avec white gaiters. Black gaiters were worn in winter.


Bon choix de sujet, the Carabinieri is perfectly posed for a diorama.

Apparently, the figurine was packaged immediately after painting, et the wire holding the Carabinieri in its plastic tray left a deep grove in the soft paint on the upper left thigh.

The sabre et bayonet frog came off during shipping et damaged the paint on the left thigh et arm.

The musket is badly twisted just below the Carabinieri’s hand.

A 6-page fold-out describes the history of the Carabinieri, including colour illustrations de soldats, officiers, et weapons. The illustration on the cover page shows a Carabinieri avec ruban de cou rouge, but the figurine wears un ruban blanc.

Compatible avec figurines militaires et civiles de chez King & Country en 1/30.

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