Canon Antiaérien de 20 mm Quatre Flak 38 Porté sur Camion Opel Blitz

Revue de l’Artillerie ESCI au 1/72

Canon Antiaérien de 20 mm Quatre Flak 38 Porté sur Camion Opel Blitz, 1/72 Maquette ESCI 8366

ESCI 20 mm FlaK-Vierling 38 Sfl. mounted on an camion Opel Blitz, et attended by Luftwaffe crew figurines. The anti-aircraft gun is not permanently attached au camion, it may be dismounted et deployed in an anti-aircraft emplacement ou on a support weapon stand compatible avec the Crossfire game system. Le camion has a separate canvas tilt which may be used to instantly convert the véhicule from an anti-aircraft platform en camion cargo. This model of the FlaK-Vierling 38 has been upgraded, using 1/72 scale turned brass barrels available from Micro RealistiXX, which are much thinner et look more realistic than the original plastic barrels supplied avec the ESCI kit.



Le camion Opel Blitz included in the ESCI kit of the 20 mm L.112.5 FlaK-Vierling 38 Sfl. may double comme camion cargo when it is not used to transport the anti-aircraft gun. The flak model et the separate canvas tilt may be used to indicate the camion in one role ou the other.

Exemplair par ESCI/ERTL

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