Infanterie Britannique des Guerres Napoléoniennes, 1812–1815

Revue de Figurines d’ESCI au 1/72

44th (East Essex) Regiment

Soldiers of the Light Company et Battalion Companies of the 44th (East Essex) Regiment. Les tirailleurs de l’infanterie légère are deployed in front of this wargame brigade formation. L’unité représente une brigade de 2,500 soldats. The stand measures 76 mm × 76 mm et 14 figurines are mounted on it: porte-drapeau, drummer, quatre soldats du centre de bataillon et un flanqueur du 44e Régiment as well as a bagpiper, three Battalion Company Highlanders, two Highland Grenadiers et one Highland light infantryman from the 92nd Regiment.


50 Figurines en 14 poses – 23 mm correspondent à 166 cm hauteur de corps

  • Porte-drapeau
  • Tambour
  • Trompette
  • Flanquer tirant
  • Flanquer à genoux, tirant
  • Flanquer couché, tirant
  • Flanquer chargeant
  • Flanquer en corps-à-corps
  • Flanquers d’Infanterie Écossaise (6 Poses)

Flank Companies

Les figurines d’infanterie de chez ESCI représentent grenadiers et tirailleurs britanniques. Les figurines wear wings on the shoulder qui se distinguent des fusiliers. Grenadiers had white plumes et light infantry green plumes on the shako. Soldats des compagnies régulières may be converted by removing the wings. Alternatively, the ESCI flankers may be deployed alongside Battalion Company soldiers de la boîte d’Infanterie Britannique de chez Revell, the figurines mix well.


  • Highly detailed figurines. Cuff, lapels, lace, wings, metal fittings, equipment and weapons are accurately sculpted. The figurines look very nice when painted.
  • 80% of the poses are suitable for wargaming. Attacking et firing figurines make good light infantrymen, even if the figurines couché are not particularly popular avec joueurs de guerre.
  • The drummer boy, usually a teenage orphan, is noticeable shorter than the other soldiers et very young looking. A nice touch.
  • The trumpeter is the only man not wearing the knapsack. A great figurine.
  • Good casting quality, very little flash.
  • The mixture of Highland infantry et regular line infantry is not very useful, separate sets would have been much better. Instead of the Highlanders in this box, soldats des compagnies régulières du bataillon should have been included for the line infantry. It would have enabled the joueur de guerre et collectioniste to field complete units of these men.
  • Le drapeau britannique has been engraved incorrectly! The problem is very difficult to fix, better to cut the flag off et replace it avec one made from paper. It’s amazing that an error like this was made et that the figurine went into production. In the light of this, it’s probably not surprising that ESCI is no longer around.
  • Soldats des compagnies régulières du bataillon are not included.
  • The drum appears a little small, but it is known that smaller drums were sometimes made to be used by teenage drummer boys.

Déploiement Historique

  • Flanqueurs de l’Infanterie de Ligne Britannique, 1812–1815
  • Flanqueurs de l’Infanterie de Ligne de la KGL, 1812–1815

Possibilités de Conversions

  • If the wings are removed, these figurines may serve as Battalion Company men.
  • Infanterie Hollando-Belge, 1814–1815
  • Infanterie Hanovrienne, 1813–1815
  • Officiers de la Landwehr Milice Hanovrienne, 1814–1815


ESCI’s line infantry figurines make nice Flank Company soldiers which may be used alongside Revell’s Battalion Company figurines. Anyone attempting to build a wargame army avec this particular set of ESCI soldiers will accumulate many more Highland figurines than are historically accurate.

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