Forces Spéciales US Américains

Revue de Figurines d’ESCI au 1/72

Forces Spéciales US Américains, Bérets Verts, 1/72 Figurines ESCI P-228

Forces Spéciales US en treillis Tiger Stripe Pattern et a variety of headdress, including green berets, bandanas, Jones hats, et steel helmets. The figurines are mounted on socles de Crossfire représentant fireteams, snipers, mortar sections, et chefs de peloton. The bases were covered avec spackling compound, painted earth brown, drybrushed light ochre, et partially covered avec static grass. The sandbag emplacements pictured here are made of DAS Pronto modelling clay.


50 figurines en 15 poses – 24 mm correspondent à 173 cm hauteur de corps

  • Soldier avec M-16 et M203 Grenade Launcher, wearing green Beret (1)
  • Radio Telephone Operator avec M-16 Sniper Rifle (1)
  • Rambo-Type avec M-16 rifle, avançant (1)
  • Soldier assisting wounded Buddy (1)
  • Wounded Soldier wearing Flak-Vest (1)
  • Grenadier avec M-79 Grenade Launcher, seated, tirant (3)
  • Rambo-Type avec M-60 Machine Gun, à genoux, tirant (3)
  • Soldier avec M-16 et M203 Grenade Launcher, wearing green Beret (3)
  • Soldier avec Flak-Vest et M-16, courant (3)
  • Soldier avec Pump-Action Shotgun, debout, tirant (3)
  • Soldier avec Flak-Vest et M-60, courant (6)
  • Soldier avec M-177 Carbine, à genoux, tirant (6)
  • Soldier avec M-16, debout, tirant (6)
  • Soldier avec M-16, debout (6)
  • Soldier avec M-16, avançant (6)
US Special Forces soldiers avec M60 machine gun, M16 assault rifle, et shotgun. US Special Forces soldiers avec M79 grenade launcher et M16 assault rifle. US Special Forces soldier firing M60 machine gun on the move.


  • Bon choix de sujet, US Special Forces are unique in this scale.
  • Uniforms, weapons et equipment are well defined et paint up nicely.
  • Suitable wargame poses which convert well to add even more variety.
  • Compatible avec Hasegawa, Italeri, et Revell.
  • Some flash et mould lines need to be removed prior to painting.
  • Less than 20 percent of the figurines are wearing the ubiquitous flak-vest de la Guerre du Viêt Nam, making them unsuitable for the typical firebase defence scenario.
  • Most of these figurines are travelling lightly, without packs et avec surprisingly little equipment et ammunition on their bodies, considering that they are supposed to be Special Forces operating behind enemy lines. Dropped packs et cached ammunition might have been a nice addition to this kit, allowing the diorama builder to model a patrol et ambush scenario.
  • The Rambo-type figurines, half-naked et wearing bandanas around their heads, have a certain Hollywood appeal, but they are out of place in a typical scenario de combat de la Guerre du Viêt Nam.
  • Mortars et Claymore mines are not included in the set.

The 15 poses included in this set are enough to raise a Special Forces A-Team avec 12 unique figurines. Joueurs de Guerre may deploy their Special Forces A-Team as a unit of three fireteams, one sniper, et un chef de peloton, ou as individual soldiers attached to Company Command Stands of bataillons d’infanterie indigène.

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