Clôtures de Jardin

Revue de la Maquette Faller au 1/87

Clôtures de Jardin, 1/87 Maquette Faller B-521

The Faller garden wall et fence set includes eight different wall et fence sections in H0 Scale. Joueurs de guerre will find these wall sections useful to fence in their city blocks, et leave enough space inside for the placement of troops. Les éléments sont précolorées et doivent seulement être brossés a sec pour les vieillir fidèlement. Doing so will also hide le fini brilliante des éléments en matière plastique parts. The set contains 20 sections of fencing avec a combined length of over 230 cm.


20 Fence Sections

  • Period I, after ca. 1880
  • 88 Parts in 2 Colours
  • 1/72 Scale Height: 1.15 - 1.37 m each
  • 1/72 Scale Length: 6.48 - 9.36 m each
  • Accessory: Roman Pavement No. 652


  • Superb accessories at a low price. These walls et fences are perfect suburban et small town scenery, they may be used to line roads et sidewalks.
  • Scale model. The walls scale out 32-36 cm thick, nicely compatible avec 1/72 scale. Height may be increased by stacking two wall sections.
  • Easy to assemble. Walls et vertical supports are slotted to accept the fence sections. The parts fit nicely, only one section of fence had to be trimmed to achieve a better fit.
  • Good casting quality. Most mould lines are hidden by other parts which are glued over them, et the few remaining ones are easily scraped off avec a scalpel.
  • The walls are cast in medium grey plastic, wood et wrought iron fences are dark green. The parts may be detailed further by drybrushing et weathering avec pastel chalk.
  • Some of the fence sections show very detailed wood grain which can be brought out by drybrushing. Part No. 3/3 semble être une clôture en bois as well, it’s much thicker than the wrought iron parts.
  • Spare wall et fence sections may be used for conversion projects.
  • The set includes eight different types of walls et fences, et they are very compatible with eachother. Each fence is an attractive model, et modélistes will want to use them all rather than face the difficult decision of picking one. Wood et wrought iron segments may be swapped to create even more variety.
  • Small circular mould ejection marks should be filled et sanded. At the very least, modélistes should take care during construction to align all parts avec their perfect side facing the viewer.
  • Military modélistes need damaged walls sections to show the effect of fighting, but this is not normally a feature of model railroad scenery kits. Bullet marks et other minor damage may be simulated by drilling et gouging the walls avec the tip of a scalpel. AFV collision ou penetration damage will require careful study et some modelling experience to achieve the desired effect.

Déploiement Historique

  • Small town et suburban garden walls after ca. 1880

The garden walls et fences are ideal for lining roads. The fence sections are the right width for a typical European row house, et they may be linked to enclose an entire block. The fence sections may be used in conjunction avec self-adhesive Cobblestone tape to create modular road sections for simulations games.

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