Passage de la Weser
Exercise Militaire en Miniature

VHS Video by Achim Lutter, 1995

Passage de la Weser, Exercise Militaire en Miniature, Achim Lutter

The 60-minutes film by Achim Lutter simulates a Nato maneuver avec véhicules, figurines, et terrain a l’échelle 1/87 et 1/72. Blueland troops attempt to halt the advance of Redland et Goldland enemy forces in the area Rotenburg - Soltau - Verden - Nienburg at the Weser river en Allemagne. Redland parachutistes drop behind the Blueland deployment line et occupy strategically important bridges et positions. Simultaneously, Redland et Goldland ground forces advance toward the Weser, établissent deux têtes de pont, et cross the river in force. After the river crossing, Redland et Goldland continue avec a two-pronged ground attack. Blueland deploys an airlanding brigade et halts the Redland attack. Armour reserves of Blueland now attack the isolated Goldland force in flank, destroying all enemy forces east of the Weser.

Jagdpanzer Kanone 90 mm featured in the Model Maneuver Video

The maneuver film shows scale models of different manufacturers in realistic motion. Parachutistes can be seen dropping, véhicules cross assault bridges, helicopters take off et land, et troops engage in firefights by day et night. Véhicules et infantry of different Nato countries are supported by UN troops et la Bundesgrenzschutz force fédérale de protection des frontières who are filmed moving in realistically modelled terrain pieces. A narrator explains the action. Realistic sounds of tank engines, camions, helicopters, et firing weapons complete this exceptional film experience.

Véhicule de transport de troupes M-113 featured in the Model Maneuver Video

The many different scenes of the model maneuver have been realistically recreated as miniature dioramas. Single véhicules, tank columns, engineer units, helicopters, et landing parachutistes move into the scenes in a perfectly choreographed fashion. Roues des camions et helicopter rotors turn, lights blink, canons flash et smoke, even the roadwheels of tracked véhicules seem to turn, although this hardly seems possible a l’échelle 1/87. This model maneuver will inspire collectionistes et joueur de guerre alike who will want to see their own model véhicule collection animated in a similar way.

Film clippings of the model maneuver may be viewed on Achim Lutter’s website at, et the VHS video cassette may be purchased there as well.

Exemplair par Achim Lutter

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