Char de Rupture Saint Chamond M-16

Revue de la Maquette Fine Scale Factory au 1/72

Char de Rupture Saint Chamond M-16, 1/72 Maquette Fine Scale Factory TL002

This model of the St. Chamond has been painted in a camouflage pattern of Middle Stone britannique (Floquil), Gull Grey, Military Brown, et Forest Green (Testors). These colours match an illustration of the same véhicule available to the reviewer, even if they are not the official wartime camouflage colours of l’armée française. The picture shows the rear et left side of the véhicule. Notice the front et rear overhangs, which significantly reduced the cross-country performance de cet véhicule. Some scale drawings of the St. Chamond suggest an even greater degree of overhang than is evident in the model.


  • Char de Rupture Saint Chamond M-16


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The St. Chamond is an important véhicule de la Grande Guerre, even if it turned out to be a faulty design.
  • Scale model avec good detail. The véhicule shows many panel lines et rivets which will paint up well. The reviewer added a towing ring at the front hull.
  • Advanced level of difficulty: 21 parts, plus several track sections with 100 track links. Some small parts will have to be cut out of styrene sheet, but most of the véhicule is cast in resin. Each running gear consists of a main section avec the road wheels cast on, a separate front wheel et rear drive sprocket. The track sections may be broken into individual links which are then glued on the wheels et sprockets. Alternatively, heat entire track sections avec the hair dryer, et form them around the wheels.
  • The illustrated assembly instructions are relatively easy to follow, despite the fact that they are en allemand. Detailed measurements are provided for those parts which need to be cut out.
  • Very good casting quality: Crisp detail et no flaws.
  • Compatible avec Revell figurines in this scale.
  • The kit was short three ou four track links. These small parts are difficult to scratchbuild, et the manufacturer is well advised to throw in a few extras, just in case.
  • Decals et painting instructions are not included. Modélistes will have to refer to books about this subject. Marquages tactiques may be painted by hand, et they may be scrounged from autres maquettes de véhicules français in this scale.
  • Les mitrailleuses are cast in resin, they are well detailed, but very fragile. Joueurs de guerre will want to replace them avec items cast in soft metal.

The St. Chamond is an interesting study of early tank design, a large et heavy box-shape which proved very difficult to maneuver in combat. The model is a must-have for anyone interested in collecting véhicules blindés de la Grande Guerre, it is unusual enough to add a lot of interest to a diorama. Adventurous joueurs de guerre may want to try their hand at driving the St. Chamond across no-man’s land, either in a solo-player scenario ou a multi-player game involving artillerie de campagne enemy dans le rôle antichar.

Exemplair par Fine Scale Factory

Patrick Storto

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