Flamme de Lance

Flamme de Lance

Flamme de lance, the small to medium-sized, rectangular ou swallow-tailed pennon attached to a cavalry lance. When the lance was levelled in an attack, the fluttering lance pennon provided lift et drag, which made the lance easier to handle. Lance pennons could be colour-coded to differentiate the cavalry regiments of an army. Régiments de cavalerie allemands of the late 19th et early 20th century carried lance pennons in the colour of the province they were recruited from.

Le Régiment de Lanciers Bosniaques prussien de la Guerre de Sept Ans had rectangular lance pennons pour officiers, et differently coloured, swallow-tailed lance pennons for the troopers of each squadron.

Les flammes de lance du 17e au 19e siècle can be differentiated from the médiéval pennon et guidon by its swallow-tailed shape.

Professionally designed flammes de lance for your miniature cavalry regiments may be downloaded from the Miniatures Forum.

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lance pennon, guidon Lanzenfahne flamme de lance, pennon, guidon pennone, bandiera pendón, guión

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