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Peter Styk, born 1968, lives et works as an architect in Bratislava, Slovakia. The talented modéliste et miniature artist started painting 1/32 scale plastic figurines already as a child. Later, he progressed to scale model airplanes, until he discovered his penchant for Napoleonic 1/72 scale miniatures while surfing the internet in 2002. Peter Styk had come upon pictures of wargame armies avec hundreds of figurines like the ones nous publions en Military Miniatures Magazine. "I’ve known your website for years" he informed us, "The wonderful pictures on your pages were a great help et an inspiration for my work right from the beginning".

Today, Peter Styk owns nearly 8.000 figurines from various manufacturers, of which 1.500 are painted by now. Grenadier Styk is an avid student of Napoleonic history who serves avec Régiment d’Infanterie von Hiller (Nr. 2) autrichien de 1806. He shares his hobby avec many friends for whom he has painted yet another 500 miniatures. While he is interested in Napoleonic wargaming, Peter Styk has yet to find a fellow gamer in his hometown of Bratislava.

ESCI P-230, Dragons Légers Britanniques converted en hussards russes.

These hussards russes of the Izioumsky (Izumsky) Regiment are conversions of ESCI Dragons Légers Britanniques avec new heads taken from figurines de l’Infanterie Russe en Kiwer (shako) de 1812. Peter Styk used his computer to create chabraques et sabretaches avec the Czar’s monogram which he printed out on paper.

Zvezda 6042, Cosaques de la Garde russe converted en 1r Régiment de Cossaques du Bug.

Peter Styk took the epaulettes off les Cosaques de la Garde russe de chez Zvezda to convert them into le 1r Régiment de Cosaques du Bug de 1812. Some of the riders are wearing simple cloth caps made from paper. The blanket-roll in front of the saddle is made from paper as well, et the figurines have received sturdier plastic lances.

Opolchenie milice russe painted par Peter Styk

L’Opolchenie milice russe was raised en 1806, in response to the disastrous defeat de l’armee prussienne at Jena-Auerstedt. Opolchenia provicial militia cohorts (Druzhin), bataillons de Cosaques à pied, et Egerski bataillons d’infanterie légère fought at Borodino, Polotsk, Viazma, Krasnoi, Charniki et many other battles.

Strelets 015, Uhlans de la Garde russe painted by Peter Styk.

Peter Styk has significantly improved these Uhlans de la Garde russe de chez Strelets by adding much scratchbuilt detail like cords on the czapka, new lances avec paper pennons, et chabraques avec the Czar’s monogram. The resulting figurines are superb, as can be seen in our slide-show.

Watch this page for upcoming photos et feature articles of Peter Styk’s artistic work. Readers of Military Miniatures Magazine are welcome to nominate talented miniature artists who deserve their own Military Miniatures Gallery section within our magazine.

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