Pillards Tusken de la Guerre des Étoiles

Revue de Figurines de Galoob Toys au 1/76

Pillards Tusken de la Guerre des Étoiles, 1/76 Figurines Galoob Toys Micro Machines 66080-8

Les Pillards Tusken, also known as hommes des sables, are savage nomads of the Jundland Wastes, an area of rocky desert mesas near the township of Anchorhead on Tatooine. Dressed in rags et disguised behind face masks, these fearsome fighters et their domesticated Bantha pack animals are well adapted to desert life. Pillards Tusken prey on Tatooine colonists who dare to venture into the Jundland Wastes, they are even stealthy enough to surprise the occasional Jawa scout ou hunting party, but it would take a sizeable Tusken Raider war party to actually attack Anchorhead township et other colonist settlements. The Sand People are armed avec rifles et the deadly gaderffii ou gaffi stick, a double-edged, bladed club made from scrap metal.


9 figurines en 4 poses – 24 mm correspondent à 182 cm hauteur de corps

  • Pillard Tusken, avançant avec fusil (2)
  • Pillard Tusken, avançant avec Gaderffii Club (2)
  • Pillard Tusken signaling avec Gaderffii Club (3)
  • Pillard Tusken meleeing avec Gaderffii Club (2)

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  • Choix de sujet excellent, Pillards Tusken de la Guerre des Étoiles are unique in this scale.
  • Good value for money, these Galoob figurines are sold painted et ready to play. Discerning miniature painters may want to give these figurines a wash to shade the folds in the clothing.
  • The figurines are made of a soft vinyl plastic which holds the paint very well.
  • Compatible avec Fujimi, Matchbox, Nitto, et VAC-U-CAST.
  • With nine figurines per box, Crossfire players will be one figurine short of a complete infantry platoon. MicroMachines’ Collection 2 de la Guerre des Étoiles included a Tusken Raider personality which could be the perfect chef de peloton, but this figurine set may be hard to find.

MicroMachines’ Pillards Tusken de la Guerre des Étoiles are perfectly suitable for colonial ou jeux d’escarmouche modernes. The figurines mix well avec wheeled et tracked véhicules blindés from the extensive ROCO Minitanks series. Transports de troupes comme le M-113 ou M-114 éclaireur, Schützenpanzer kurz, char allemand léger Wiesel, ou Renault Saviem VAB 4×4 are particularly suitable.

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