Scout Troopers Éclaireurs impérials de la Guerre des Étoiles

Scout Trooper Éclaireur impérials de la Guerre des Étoiles

Imperial scout troopers, also known as scout stormtroopers ou biker scouts, are elite stormtroopers trained for reconnaissance, infiltration, et sabotage operations behind enemy lines. The smallest tactical formation is the Lance of four scout troopers et un sergent. Scout troopers wear a lighter version of the stormtrooper plastoid armour, et a helmet avec macro-binocular viewplate et sensor array which provides a 180-degree field of vision. They are armed avec the SororSuub Q-2s5 MOA blaster pistol, thermal detonator, flares, et concussion grenades. Scout snipers use the E-11s ou DC-15x sniper rifle, ou a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifles avec sniper scope. Scout véhicules like the Aratech 74-Z military speeder bike, AT-ST scout walker, et other patrol craft provide mobility et additional firepower.

The scout trooper shown here is a 1/76 scale compatible miniature from MicroMachines, attached to a length of pianowire to support his speeder bike in flight.

Maquettes disponibles

  • Biker Scout, 1/6 Hasbro 16857
  • Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike, 1/6 Gentle Giant 6984
  • Scout Trooper, 1/7 Kotobukiya
  • Scout Biker (Endor Ambush Set), 1/20 Hasbro 41443
  • Rebel Storm Booster Pack, 1/51 Star Wars Miniatures ISBN 0-7869-3477-8
    • 33/60 Scout Trooper
    • 34/60 Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike
  • Attack on Endor Scenario Pack, 1/51 Star Wars Miniatures ISBN 0-7869-4160-X
    • AT-ST Scout Walker
    • Scout Trooper
  • Imperial Scout Troopers (9) de la Guerre des Étoiles, 1/76 Galoob Toys 66080-13
  • Collection 4 de la Guerre des Étoiles (Scout Trooper), 1/76 MicroMachines 66020-4
  • Action Fleet Véhicules 8 (Scout Biker), 1/76 MicroMachines 66118

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