Jeep (Willy’s MB), Camion, 1/4 t, 4×4

Revue de la Maquette Hasegawa au 1/72

Jeep Willy’s avec remorque cargo

Jeep et cargo trailer used by a regimental combat team des Forces françaises libres. The unit insignia, not visible in the photo, has been painted immediately below the windshield on the side du conducteur du véhicule. A rolled tarp made from tissue paper is stowed on the front bumber. Packs taken from infantry figurines ou sculpted in DAS modelling clay may be tied to the sides of the Jeep. The trailer still needs to be loaded avec personal equipment, ammunition, et other supplies. To create the impression of a loaded trailer, place several box-shaped pieces of balsa inside the cargo bay et cover them avec a tissue paper tarp.


  • Willy’s Jeep avec 1/4 t Cargo Trailer
  • Canon Antichar de 37 mm L.53. M2
  • 8 Figures

Spécifications Techniques

  • Type: Camion, 1/4 t, 4×4 Command Reconnaissance
  • Empattement: 2.03 m
  • Longueur: 3.36 m
  • Largeur: 1.58 m
  • Hauteur: 1.32 m, 1.83 m avec top
  • Poids: 1.1 t



  • Choix de sujet excellent, the Jeep was the most common command, reconnaissance, et light cargo véhicule in Allied service.
  • Easy to build, the parts fit together very well.
  • Scale model avec nice detail.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, et Reviresco.
  • The wheel rims are modelled incorrectly.
  • No canvas top included in the kit. This Jeep has the top folded down.

Emploi Historique

  • Allied Forces 1941-1945
  • Armée Israélienne
  • Forces de l’OTAN

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Jeep SAS, L.R.D.G. ou Commando britannique avec .50 cal. MG, twin Bren, mitrailleuse Breda italienne ou MG 42 allemande capturée. Jerricans on the hood et stowage inside.

At total of 639,245 Jeeps were produced pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, they served in many different roles on the battlefield et in all major theaters of operation.

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