Moto Side-Car BMW R75 Allemande

Revue de la Maquette Hasegawa au 1/72

Moto Side-Car BMW R75 Allemande, 1/72 Maquette Hasegawa MT12

The picture shows the BMW R75 moto side-car, painted RAL 7021 Schwarzgrau, using Tamiya XF63 avec 30% white added. The rider is dressed in the early war temperate uniform avec closed collar, which may be worn in perfect weather. Motocyclistes typically portaient the rubberized overcoat which was much more practical on campaign. The man should be wearing goggles which were standard issue for motocylcistes et other motorized troops. The figurine might be detailed further by adding an MP40 submachine gun, a map case, et other items of equipment a veteran campaigner would not leave camp without.


  • Kübelwagen avec Conducteur
  • Moto BMW R75 avec Rider
  • Officier holding Map


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The BMW R75 side-car was a standard military side-car seen in many fotos et movies.
  • Scale model avec acceptable detail.
  • Easy to build, only 16 parts.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, et Reviresco.
  • The BMW emblem on the fuel tank is too large, but this makes it easier to paint.
  • The rider does not fit the moto very well, he appears to be rather stiff. One arm is noticeably shorter than the other.
  • The rider is not wearing the typical rubberized overcoat issued to troupes motocyclistes, et he carries no personal weapon ou equipment on his body.
  • The helmet is cast incorrectly, without a proper brim.
  • There is no passenger for the side-car.
  • The side-car should have metal storage containers on either side, but only one canvas bag is provided in the kit.
  • The tires are modelled without tread.

The Hasegawa model of the BMW R75 side-car is a quick et easy kit for simulation gamers. Expert modélistes may want to replace le motocyliste avec a more accurate figurine wearing proper motorcyclist gear.

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