Motochenille Sd.Kfz. 2
Kleines Kettenkraftrad (kl.K.Krad)

Revue de la Maquette Hasegawa au 1/72

NSU Kettenkrad conduit par un Fallschirmjäger parachutiste allemande, 1/72 Maquette Hasegawa MT13

The picture shows a Kettenkrad painted RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb, using Humbrol 94 avec 30% white added. Le motocycliste is a converted ESCI Fallschirmjäger wearing tropical uniform et a pale green camouflage smock during the 1943 campaign. The figurine had to be cut apart at the waist to bring the legs forward into a sitting position. The two figurine halves were then pinned together at a 90 degree angle, et the buttocks were reconstructed using Rai-Ro grey wax as a filler. Finally, the figurine’s right arm was cut off at the shoulder et repositioned to reach for the handlebars. Le parachutiste might be detailed further by adding goggles, an MP40 submachine gun, a map case, et other items of equipment one would expect to see on a member de l’équipage de véhicule.


  • VW Schwimmwagen avec Conducteur et MG 42
  • NSU Kettenkrad avec Motocycliste et Passenger
  • Officier holding Map


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The Kettenkrad is a unique military véhicule.
  • Scale model avec good detail.
  • Easy to build, only 11 parts, not counting the crew.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, et Reviresco.
  • The fork is based on an early prototype of the Kettenkrad, not the actual production model. Production models had a Notek night driving light below the headlight. To upgrade the model, place a scratchbuilt Notek light on the headlight mounting bracket, et glue the headlight to a scratchbuilt bracket in front of the handlebars.
  • Le motocycliste does not fit the forward compartment of the Kettenkrad very well, because his upper thighs are too long et he ends up sitting on the engine deck. The legs need to be shortened to ensure a good fit. La waist du motocycliste should be about level avec the compartment side panels.
  • The passenger does not fit into the rear seat, et there is very little one can do to fix the problem.
  • Fallschirmjäger crew members would have been more suitable, because the Kettenkrad was used as a light transport for parachute et airborne troops.
  • The front tire is modelled without tread.

The Hasegawa model of the Kettenkrad is a quick et easy kit for simulation gamers. Expert modélistes may want to build the véhicule avec a Fallschirmjäger crew, replacing the regular infantry figurines supplied avec the kit.

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