Mamelouks de la Garde Impériale des Guerres Napoléoniennes, 1805–1815

Revue de Figurines de HaT Industrie au 1/72

Mamelouks de la Garde Impériale des Guerres Napoléoniennes, 1805–1815, 1/72 Figurines HaT Industrie 8001

Mamelouks de la Garde impériale. There were never more than 250 Mamelouks en service français, et they were attached to the Chasseurs à Cheval of the Imperial Guard.

Exotic Cavalry

Emperor Napoléon brought the Mamelouks back from his campagne d’égypte et made them a part of his Imperial Guard. Mamelouks fought alongside the Guard Chasseurs à Cheval, they rode the same horses et received chabraques avec a compatible design. When their ranks were depleted, the Mamelouks drew replacements from français who were eager to serve in this exotically dressed unit. At the Bataille de Austerlitz, the Mamelouks counter-attacked et defeated la cavalerie russe. A Mamelouk by the name of Roustan became the Emperor’s personal servant.


12 cavaliers en 4 poses – 23 mm correspondent à 166 cm hauteur de corps

12 chevaux en 2 poses – 22 mm correspondent à 15.2 mains


  • The hard plastic figurines may be cut et carved avec a sharp hobby knife.
  • Nicely detailed figurines. Lace sur la veste turque, belts, plumes on the headdress, stirrups et the famous Mamelouk sabres are easy to paint.
  • Striking facial features et giant moustaches give these figurines a truly martial appearance.
  • Useful historic poses. Horses et riders are shown attacking at a full gallop. Two of the riders are about to deliver a blow avec the sabre et they are correctly positioned on the horse. The other two are in attractive reserve poses, well suited for the supporting rank of a cavalry formation.
  • Good casting quality, very little flash.
  • Useful painting guide on the box. Mamelouks were not strictly uniformed et the box cover offers alternative colour combinations.
  • The plastic does not bond avec liquid adhesives which are normally used on hard plastic figurines et véhicule kits. We used superglue to fix the riders in the saddle.
  • Unusual gait on one of the horses, the front legs are galloping while the hind legs are walking.

Déploiement Historique

  • Mamelouks de la Garde Impériale, 1805–1815

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Tatars Lituaniens (lanciers) de la Garde impériale. Pour la Campagne de Russie en 1812, each of the participating unités de la Garde impériale received a squadron of Tatars, quite possibly in response to the numerous unités de lanciers Cosaques serving dans l’armée russe.

HäT Industrie’s Mamelouks fill an important niche in Napoleonic figurine ranges, they are not strictly uniformed et they add a lot of historical flavor when they are displayed alongside Revell’s Chasseurs à Cheval. No doubt, these figurines will be popular avec joueurs de guerre et collectionistes alike, even if their historical number was so small that a box ou two may satisfy most people.

Detailed et well researched historical miniatures are more popular than ever, et HaT Industrie has excellent opportunité de s’établir comme fabricant of specialty items, like the Mamelouks, as well as standard troop types like the upcoming Dragons Prussiens. Wargaming is an increasingly popular hobby, et the Guerres Napoléoniennes offer an enormous variety of troop types which have not yet been covered a l’échelle 1/72. Collectionistes et gamers have already been spoiled by many new releases in recent months and, avec companies like HaT Industrie joining the effort, there is much more to come.

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Mamelouks de la Garde Impériale, 1799–1815