Figurines des Cavaliers légèrs Numides du 3ème Siècle av. J.-C.

Revue de Figurines de HaT Industrie au 1/72

Figurines des Cavaliers légèrs Numides du 3ème Siècle av. J.-C., 1/72 Figurines HaT Industrie 8024

Cavaliers numides mounted on 60 mm wide et 40 mm deep wargaming bases. Under the DBA (DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS) game systems, un socle représente a maneuver element of light cavalry deployed in several rows. Other rule systems treat one element only as a section of a cavalry unit, resulting in much larger formations on the table. The larger units are more expensive et take longer to paint, but they are much more attractive to look at. The figurines shown here have been equipped avec javelins cut from 0,5 mm pianowire, which look more realistic than the throwing-spears included in the box. It is generally a good idea to replace lances, pikes, spears, javelins et other pole arms avec similar weapons cut from pianowire. Cut away the plastic weapon, et insert the wire through the figurine’s hand instead.


12 cavaliers en 4 poses – 23 mm correspondent à 166 cm hauteur de corps

  • Cavalier avançant avec javelin et shield
  • Cavalier avançant avec javelin et shield
  • Attacking avec javelin et shield
  • Attacking avec javelin et shield

12 chevaux en 2 poses – 21 mm correspondent à 151 cm hauteur de corps


  • Choix de sujet excellent. Les cavaliers numides sont unique in this scale.
  • Satisfactory detail. Faces, hair, tunics, shields et weapons are in evidence.
  • Nice poses, the riders look very lively et they are seated correctly.
  • Satisfactory casting quality. Obvious flash et mould lines need to be removed prior to painting. The editor used the Rai-Ro ZEP-70 heated spatula to blend mould lines into the surface of the model.
  • Incorrect gait on both horses. These mounts are sculpted nicely, but the animation is faulty. One solution is to mount the figurines on more accurate horses cast in pewter ou plastic.
  • The box cover shows riders avec rounded shields, but the actual models are completely flat.
  • The javelins are much too thick, et their points are not sculpted correctly. Replace the throwing spears avec similar items cut from 0.4 mm pianowire.

Déploiement Historique

  • DBA Army 31b, Carthaginois tardif - 3e et 4e Element
  • DBA Army 53, Numider - four to eight Elements of light Cavalry

Les cavaliers numides sont a good choice pour joueurs de guerre. Les Numides fought les Romains et Carthaginois, et served alongside either of them during et après le Guerres Puniques. Emperor Trajan deployed Northafrican light cavalry during his campaign against the Dacians in the spring of 101 av.Chr. Les Numides fought without armour et they rode bareback.

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