Jacobites, supporters of James II, the last Roman Catholic king of England, Scotland and Ireland, who was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, his son James III, recognised as king of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1701 by his Catholic cousin Louis XIV of France, and his grandson Charles Edward Stuart, The Young Pretender. Apart from the emigrants who accompanied James II to France, support for Jacobitism came from many Tories in England and Scotland, and the Highland nobility. Together, they managed to delay the Act of Union between England and Scotland until 1707. Between 1688 and 1746, Great Britain and Ireland experienced a series of Jacobite uprisings, rebellions, and wars aimed at restoring the Stuart kings to the thrones of England, Scotland, and, after 1707, Great Britain. The Jacobite rebellions of 1689, 1715 and 1745, the latter two known respectively as "the Fifteen" and "the Forty-five", ended in bloody military defeats; and Jacobitism was finally crushed when the leaders of the movement were executed in 1746. Very occasionally there are Jacobites in the UK even now, who do not acknowledge the legitimacy of the ruling dynasty.

Figurines de la Révolte Jacobite de 1715

  • James Radclyffe, comte de Derwentwater , 28 mm Reiver PER12
  • James Erskine, comte de Mar, 28 mm Reiver PER14
  • William Mackenzie, comte de Seaforth
  • Généraux à cheval, 28 mm Reiver JFR28
  • Commandement des Highlanders, 28 mm Reiver JFR20
  • Highlanders avec armes diverses, 28 mm Reiver JFR19
  • Commandement des rebelles écossais des Lowlands, 28 mm Reiver JFR22
  • Rebelles écossais des Lowlands, 28 mm Reiver JFR21
  • Commandement des rebelles anglais, 28 mm Reiver JFR24
  • Rebelles anglais, 28 mm Reiver JFR23
  • Commandement d’infanterie espagnole, 28 mm Reiver JFR30
  • Infanterie espagnole, 28 mm Reiver JFR29
  • Highlanders à cheval, 28 mm Reiver JFR25
  • Gentilhommes et serviteurs anglais à cheval, 28 mm Reiver JFR26
  • Artilleurs Jacobites, 28 mm Reiver JFR27

Figurines de la Révolte Jacobite de 1745

  • Charles Stuart et état-major, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR08
  • Officier des Highlanders, chargeant, 1:32 JJDesigns JR-09
  • Porte-drapeau des Highlanders (Cameron of Locheil’s Regiment), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-10
  • Porte-drapeau des Highlanders (Cameron of Locheil’s Regiment), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-11
  • Porte-drapeau des Highlanders (Ardshael’s Appin Regiment), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-08
  • Joueur de cornemuse des Highlanders, 1:32 JJDesigns JR-12
  • Highlander, chargeant (1), 1:32 John Jenkins Designs JR-01
  • Highlander avec fusil, chargeant (1), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-02
  • Highlander, chargeant (2), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-03
  • Highlander blessé (1), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-04
  • Highlander, attaquant (1), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-05
  • Highlander, attaquant (2), 1:32 JJDesigns JR-06
  • Highlander avec hache Lochaber, 1:32 JJDesigns JR-07
  • Highlander avec épée, avançant, 25 mm RSM JR-HS
  • Highlander, tirant, 25 mm RSM JR-HF
  • Highlander avec Claymore ou hache Lochaber, avançant, 25 mm RSM JR-HO
  • Highlanders Jacobites, 1:72 German 010
  • Guerrier écossais avec épée, 20 mm Irregular NM37
  • Humblie avec hache, 20 mm Irregular NM38
  • Commandement des Highlanders Jacobites, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR03
  • Highlander Jacobite avec épée, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR01
  • Highlander Jacobite avec fusil, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR02
  • Highlander Jacobite avec hache Lochaber, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR04
  • Lowlander Jacobite avec fusil, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR05
  • Guerriers écossais, 15 mm Old Glory JAB01
  • Cavalerie de clan (10), hussards de Baggot (6), artillerie écossaise, et cavalerie garde-du-corps, 15 mm Old Glory JAB06
  • Hussards de Baggot, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR06
  • Cavalerie Jacobite des Lowlands, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR09
  • Artilleurs Jacobites, 15 mm Freikorps15 JR07


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Source: Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6. Auflage 1905–1909

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Figurines des Révoltes Jacobites