Remorque F.V. 2361 Cargo 0,75 t

Revue de la Maquette JB Models au 1/76

Remorque F.V. 2361 Cargo 0,75 tonne, 1/76 Maquette JB Models 1001

Landrover L.W.B. towing a General Service Trailer. The model of the trailer is actually much more detailed than the Landrover included in the same kit. Cargo lashing points are clearly shown, et the canvas cover is detailed very nicely. Stabilizing jacks, handbrake, rear lights et other small parts add a lot of visual appeal to the model. The model has been painted NATO olive avec black disruptive stripes. The trailer may be shown in a parked position by reversing the jacks. On maneuvers et in action, additional kit bags are sometimes placed on top of the canvas cover, et a camouflage net may be draped over the trailer.



  • Scale model avec nice detail. The lashing points are shown clearly, et the canvas cover adds a lot of visual appeal. The model peut être convertie en remorque avec canvas tilt, simply by adding plastic side walls between the body assembly et part number 28. The plastic sides should be covered avec tissue paper soaked in PVA glue to make them look like canvas.
  • The model may be shown in a parked position by reversing the stabilizing jacks.
  • Easy to assemble, only 15 parts.
  • Minimal flash et mould lines.
  • Four sets of decals are included in the kit.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, Trux, Crusader Models, Milicast et Cromwell Models.
  • Noticeable gaps between the body parts need to be filled prior to painting. Rai-Ro green wax is particularly useful for this kind of work, it flows into the gaps easily.

The G.S. Trailer is an excellent model, even if it requires a little extra effort to fill gaps between the body parts.

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