Transport de Troupe Blindé Britannique F.V. 603 Saracen Mk.1

Revue de la Maquette JB Models au 1/76

Transport de Troupe Blindé Britannique F.V. 603 Saracen Mk.1, 1/76 Maquette JB Models 1007

The model shown here is a Saracen Mk.1 avec the early machine gun turret, et Bren AA machine gun. Later versions received the slightly larger turret de l’automitrailleuse Ferret. The kit includes optional parts to build the Saracen Mk.2 ou Mk.3 instead. The Mk.3 was designed for use au Moyen-Orient, et it saw action pendant la Guerre du Golfe. Marquages de l’Operation Desert Storm will have to be painted on by hand, they are not included in the kit. Later versions of the Saracen should be equipped avec a GPMG instead of the Bren gun. The model was sprayed in NATO olive, mixed avec 30% white to take the scale effect into account. Raised detail was then shaded et drybrushed using Jim Gordon’s weathering technique.


  • F.V. 603 Saracen Véhicule de Transport de Troupes
    • Mk.1, immatriculation 30 BA 83
    • Mk.2, immatriculation 31 BA 98, Malaysia
    • Mk.3, immatriculation 00 BB 40, Moyen-Orient


  • Scale model avec nice detail.
  • Easy to assemble, only 46 parts. Optional parts allow the modéliste to build one of three variants du véhicule de transport de troupes Saracen.
  • Minimal flash et mould lines.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, Trux, Crusader Models, Milicast et Cromwell Models.
  • The sliding cover of the roof hatch is modelled in the open position, but the hatch itself is closed. The instructions do not indicate it clearly, but the hatch needs to be cut open in section 3 of the construction process.
  • La mitrailleuse Bren is not detailed at all, it might be replaced by a more accurate weapon taken from a Matchbox kit. A GPMG would be an appropriate replacement for the Bren.
  • The painting instructions on the back of the box show a Saracen avec much thinner antennas than are included in the kit. The plastic antennas may be cut off et replaced avec more realistic items taken from a large paint brush.

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Saracen Mk.1 avec small turret
  • Saracen Mk.2 avec larger turret
  • Saracen Mk.3 avec reverse flow cooling system

This kit of the Saracen is excellent value for money, it includes optional parts to built a Saracen Mk.1, Mk.2, ou Mk.3 desert version.

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