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Battleground Wargame Rules by Steve Carroll

Battleground is a set of rules for company to bataillon level miniature wargames de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. The rules may be used for earlier et later conflicts, possibly avec some modifications. The game is easy to learn, et yet requires thoughtful strategy for excellent play. Battleground was designed as a fun game, not a simulation of actual warfare. Basic et optional rules cover most aspects of ground warfare de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, including simple règles pour véhicules et artillerie, cavalry, smoke, visibility at night, flares, minefields, mine clearing, prisoners, medics, low altitude air-attacks.

The order of movement et firing phases is regulated by playing cards drawn from a poker deck, including jokers. If clubs are drawn, the Axis player may fire all his units. If hearts are drawn the Allied player fires. Diamonds ou spades allow the Axis ou Allied player to move all his units. Depending on the order of the cards drawn, one player may move first, et fire later, ou vice versa. When an Ace of a particular suit is drawn, the owning player may move ou fire only one of his units. This action may be the players only move ou firing action for that turn, if the ace was drawn as the first card of that suit. Otherwise, the single action may be executed in addition to an earlier move ou fire action. A complete game turn ends when all four suits have been drawn, ou it may end prematurely, if a joker is drawn. The randomess of the card play phase adds a lot of excitement to the game.


  • Titre: Battleground
  • Période: Seconde Guerre Mondiale, small unit actions
  • Type: jeu de guerre tactique
  • Échelle du Temp: pas donné
  • Échelle du Terrain: pas donné
  • Échelle de Troupes: 1 figurine = 1 to 5 men
  • Basing: figurines individuelles
  • Armour penetration benchmarks
    • Lingèvres (75 mm Sherman vs. Panther turret side armour, 400 yards): 13% per game turn
  • Auteur: Steve Carroll
  • Format: 20 pages, piquage métallique
  • Langage: Anglais
  • Maison d’Édition: Carpe Diem Enterprises, Denton, TX
  • Publié: 1997


  1. Introduction
  2. What you need, 1 page
  3. Your infantry units, 1 page
  4. Sequence of play, 2 pages
  5. Movement, 2 pages
  6. Shooting, 4 pages
  7. Melee, 2 pages
  8. Terrain, Buildings, Emplacements, 1 page
  9. Additional rules, 4 pages
  10. Advanced et optional rules, 2 pages
  11. Scenario design, 1 pages
  12. Scenarios, 2 pages

Battleground is a fun et easy wargame for beginners et experienced players alike. The sequence of movement et firing is randomly determined by a card draw phase which adds a lot of excitement to the game.

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