Trench - Jeu de Guerre de Tranchées de la Première Guerre mondiale

Revue des Règles du Jeu de Guerre

Trench - World War 1 Trench Warfare Rules

Trench sont des règles du jeu de guerre de la Première Guerre mondiale for divisional level grand-tactical engagements, ou trench raids au niveau d’escarmouche. Both games are played on a modular trench layout using 6 × 12 inch segments of main trenches, communications trenches, cratered pieces of no-man’s land, et barbed wire section. The interchangeable trench segments are built up from two sheets of polystyrène, the lower of which provides a 1/2" fire step for figurines to stand on.

A table of point values for hommes et equipment is used to recruit 12 to 15 figurine bataillons for the divisional game, ou officiers individuels, sous-officiers, et soldats for the trench raid game. The table lists varies heavy weapons et pièces d’artillerie, et the crews needed to operate them. Divisional scale fighting factor losses are determined avec the help of the Calculateur de Pertes, made up of three overlapping cardboard discs avec adjustable shooter et target parameters which determine the actual losses. For each 50 fighting factors lost, one figurine is removed from the target unit. In the trench raid game, pertes are diced for normally.


  • Titre: Trench
  • Période: Première Guerre Mondiale, Trench Warfare Rules
  • Type: jeu de grande tactique et d’escarmouche
  • Échelle du Temp: 1 tour = 40 secondes en jeu d’escarmouche
  • Échelle du Terrain: 1/492 (4 inches = pistol range) in Skirmish Mode
  • Échelle de Troupes: 1 figurine = 1 man (escarmouche), ou 40/45 hommes (grande tactique)
  • Basing: single figurine bases 1/2" square
  • Rate de partes par minute at 100 meters range: (unmodified)
    • Rifleman (Bolt Action): 0,3 hits
    • Light Machine Gun: 0,75 hits
    • Heavy Machine Gun: 1,5 hits
  • Auteur:
  • Format: 24 pages, piquage métallique
  • Langage: Anglais
  • Maison d’Édition: Tabletop Games Ltd., Nottingham, England
  • Publié: 1975


  1. Setting up a game, 1 page
  2. Movement, 1 page
  3. Communications, 2 pages
  4. Mines et gas attacks, 4 pages
  5. Small arms et mitrailleuses, 3 pages
  6. Points values, 1 page
  7. Divisional scale game, 4 pages
  8. Tanks, 3 pages
  9. Trench Raid game, 6 pages

Quick Reference Chart

  • Calculateur de Pertes

The required 6 × 4 foot game table consists of 30 interchangeable trench modules et 18 pieces of no-man’s land which will require some investment et a substancial amount of time to build from scratch. Novice trench gamers may want to play-test the game using trenches drawn on packing paper, ou simply dig their trench systems in a sandbox.

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Trench is an easy to learn game de trench warfare de la Première Guerre mondiale which has inspired many players to build elaborate trench systems to fight over. The WW1 tank rules included in Trench cover the morale effect of chars on enemy troops, mechanical reliability, ditching, visibility from within chars, pertes d’équipage de chars, et the defence of immobilized véhicules, which may be an interesting game in itself.

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