Uniformes de 1812
La Retraite de Napoléon de Moscou

Philip Haythornthwaite, Michael Chappell

Uniformes de 1812, Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow, Philip Haythornthwaite, Michael Chappell

Immortalised in Tolstoy’s War et Peace, la Campagne de Russie de Napoléon en 1812 is best known for the Retreat from Moscou which destroyed his huge, multi-national Grande Armée et began his downfall.

No book has previously been written on the uniforms worn during the campaign, both the magnificent full dress worn at the outset et the ragged costume adopted from necessity during the Retreat. In addition, many of the troops involved (of both sides), did not wear the uniforms specified by official regulations, but either earlier patterns ou modifications designed for the rigours of campaigning, including such bizarre items as muffs et fur ear-protectors!

In order to portray accurately the uniforms actually worn (instead of what should have been worn), the drawings of over twenty contemporary artists et the accounts of more than forty eye-witnesses, of all nationalities, have been consulted; over 150 uniforms are shown in full colour, including les armées de la France, Russie, Autriche, Bade, Bavière, Clèves-Berg, Hesse-Darmstadt, Italie, Naples, Pologne, Prusse, Saxe, Westphalie, Wurtemberg, le contingent Britannique, et les Hollandais, Suisses, Espagnols, Portugueses et Croates serving dans l’armée française; black-and-white illustrations show further uniforms et flags. The book is completed by a Historical Introduction recording the events of the campaign, et by Orders of Battle listing both the Grande Armée et the opposing forces at the Bataille de Borodino.

Philip Haythornthwaite’s stature as both military researcher et writer grows steadily avec each new book from his pen. His work is further enhanced by Michael Chappell’s artistic flair et meticulous attention to detail.



  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Author’s Notes
  3. Historical Introduction
  4. The Colour Plates
  5. Organisation et Strengths
  6. Uniforms of the Retreat from Moscow
  7. Text to Colour Plates
    • The Grande Armée
    • Russie
  8. Black-and-White Illustrations
  9. Text to Black-and-White Illustrations
  10. Appendix I – Ordre of Battle, Grand Armée
  11. Appendix II – L’Armée Russe à Borodino, 7 Septembre 1812
  12. Appendix III – Some Uniforms not Illustrated
  13. Sources et Bibliography

Uniformes de 1812 is an excellent resource for figurine painters, dioramistes, et joueurs de guerre interested in raising miniature armies pour la Campagne de Russie de Napoléon. Michael Chappell’s beautiful illustrations have inspired generations of figurine painters et collectionistes to create their own scale model de la Grande Armée ou L’Armée Russe. The Order of Battle included in the appendix lists the bataillons, regiments, brigades, divisions, et corps of the Grande Armée involved dans la Campagne de Russie, as well as l’Armée Russe engaged at the Bataille de Borodino.

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