Uniformes de la Guerre d’Indépendance Américaine

John Mollo, Malcolm McGregor

Uniforms of the American Revolution, John Mollo, Malcolm McGregor

This newest volume in the Macmillan Color Series makes a timely appearance for the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence of 1776. In a series of 220 magnificent full-color illustrations, it covers the principal army et naval uniformes des armées Américaines, Britanniques, Allemandes, et françaises which took part in the Guerre d’Indépendance Américaine, et includes several plates du costume amérindien of the period. They provide a unique et colorful survey of one of the great epochs of military history.

Les uniformes des troupes Britanniques, Allemandes, et Françaises conform, on the whole, to regulations. The Americans, both revolutionary et loyalists, neglected to record for posterity the details of their military dress, but the author et artist have supplied these from various reliable sources – portraits, lists of equipment issued to the Continental Army, advertisements for deserters in contemporary American newspapers, et the latest research data on the subject - et deliberately stylized their figurines to retain the flavor of the period. In addition, early paintings, drawings, et prints have been used whereever possible. The uniforms are primarily arranged by campaigns, avec plates giving details of flags, head-dress, et weapons.

John Mollo, is a well-known expert on military dress et an author et illustrator of several books on the subject. He has also supervised the uniforms for such films as The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Adventures of Gerard, Nicholas et Alexandria, Bequest to the Nation, et Stanley Kubrick’s version of Thackeray’s Barry Lyndon

Malcolm McGregor’s illustrations for Macmillan’s Uniformes de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale have elicited high praise, et in his latest volume he has again based many of his paintings on actual people of the period.



    Preface et Acknowledgements
  1. L’Armée Britannique
  2. Forces Auxiliares Allemandes
  3. Loyalistes
  4. Amérindiens
  5. L’Armée Continentale
  6. L’Armée Française
  7. The Colour Plates
  8. Campaigns et Plate Descriptions
    • Boston, 1775
    • Canada, 1775–1776
    • Charleston, 1776
    • New York, 1776
    • Canada, 1776–1777
    • Saratoga, 1777
    • Pennsylvania, 1777
    • Valley Forge
    • Raids et Counter-Raids
    • Rhode Island
    • The War at Sea
    • Armée Continentale Dress Regulations of 1779
    • The War in the South
      • Georgia, 1779
      • South Carolina, 1780
      • North Carolina, 1780–1781
      • Virginia, 1780–1781
    • The Corps of Light Infantry
    • Drapeaux Américains
    • Drapeaux régimentaires britanniques et Provincial
    • Drapeaux régimentaires allemands
    • Drapeaux régimentaires français
    • Firearms
    • Épées et armes blanches
    • Head-dress
    • Ornaments
    • Infanterie et Artillerie Britannique Facings et Rank et File Lace
  9. Bibliography

Uniforms of the American Revolution is a comprehensive resource for figurine painters, dioramistes, et joueurs de guerre interested in raising armies for the Guerre d’Indépendance Américaineary War. Many of the specialist troop types of the Guerre d’Indépendance Américaine are covered in this book. Les ordres de bataille included at the beginning of the chapters list brigades et regiments of the opposing armies engaged in the campaigns of Boston (1775), New York (1776), Saratoga (1777), Pennsylvania (1777), Valley Forge (1777-1778), et Yorktown (1783).

Malcolm McGregor’s illustrations are based on portraits of actual people of the period, like Lieutenant-General the Hon Thomas Gage, Colonel Knox, George Washington, Brigadier-General Benedict Arnold, Colonel Daniel Morgan, Red Jacket, Joseph Brant, Captain Abraham Wipple, Major-General the Marquis de Lafayette, Brigadier-General Anthony Wayne, Lieutenant-Colonel Banastre Tarleton, Brigadier-General Charles Tuffin Armand, Marquis de la Rouerie, Lieutenant-General Comte de Rochambeau, among many others.

There are 24 flag illustrations, six each of the forces Américaines, Britanniques, Allemandes, et Françaises engaged in the Guerre d’Indépendance Américaine. Compared to other uniform guides of the period, John Mollo’s Uniforms of the American Revolution offers excellent value for money.

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