Maçonnerie de Pierre en Diorama et Jeux de Guerre avec Figurines

Maçonnerie de Pierre en Diorama et Jeux de Guerre

Many historic buildings in dioramas et wargames show natural stone masonry made of plaster, spackling compound, modelling clay, prefabricated modelling sheet, resin, ou plastic. Properly painted ou printed, these stone walls look like the real thing in miniature. In addition to the classic printed stone wall sheets, several manufacturers are now offering highly detailed et textured foam sheets which look even more realistic et are easy to work with. Spackling compound et modelling clay are suitable for scratchbuilding natural stone masonry. The bridge railing et arch shown here was build from MDF fibre board et Glorex Keramistone Granite Modelling Clay.

Available Products

  • Spackling Compound
  • Granite Modelling Clay
  • Modelling Sheets for Stamping, Busch 7201
  • HEKI-dur Natural Stone Masonry Sheet
  • Brown Sand Stone Masonry Sheet, Faller 170615
  • Natural Stone Masonry Sheet, Busch 7403
  • Natural Stone Sheet, Busch 7430

Scratchbuilt buildings differ architecturally et artistically from similar commercial building models, et they are often a unique piece of eye-candy.

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