Automitrailleuse Daimler »Dingo« Mk.II

Revue de la Maquette Matchbox au 1/76

Automitrailleuse Daimler »Dingo« Mk.II Scout Car, 1/76 Maquette Matchbox 40175

Automitrailleuses petits, fast et faiblement blindées comme le Daimler »Dingo« were routinely used as reconnaissance, security, escort, et command véhicules. Many Dingo Mk.II were captured by the Wehrmacht in Africa en cours de débarquement anglo-canadienne à Dieppe, et they were subsequently used by Wehrmacht units. At least 124 of the earlier Mk.I version were already in the Wehrmacht inventory following the 1940 campaign in France. This Matchbox model of the Daimler Dingo Mk.II has been painted Middle Bronze Green, using peinture Humbrol No. 30 acrylic mat. It carries les marquages tactiques white square d’un véhicule de l’état-major divisionaire. The antenna mounts have been drilled open et fitted avec black plastic bristles from a cheap paintbrush.


  • Monty’s Leyland Retriever Caravan
  • Daimler »Dingo« Mk.II Scout Car
  • Decal Sheet


  • Scale model avec detailed interior et outside stowage.
  • Choix de sujet excellent, a very attractive et versatile model.
  • Few parts, easy to assemble.
  • High quality kit. Parts fit well et there is minimal flash.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, et VAC-U-CAST.
  • Approximately 5% smaller than the 1/72 scale figurine standard. Compatibility is not an issue here, because the Dingo is unique in this scale et it will mix well avec 1/72 scale troops et armoured véhicules.

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Dingo Mk.I avec the earlier air intake
    • Panzerspähwagen Mk.I 202 (e), Wehrmacht 1940-45
  • Lancia Lince copy of the Dingo Mk.I, Armée Italienne 1943
    • Panzerspähwagen Lince Mk.I 202 (i), Wehrmacht 1943-45
  • Dingo Mk.III avec canvas roof

Matchbox’s Daimler »Dingo« Scout Car is a wonderful model, nicely detailed et very easy to build. It is a well designed et very unique looking véhicule, which will make a nice addition to any armour collection. The twin-pack avec Monty’s Caravan is not a good choice. La caisse caravane italienne capturée mounted on a 3 t Leyland Retriever 6x4 chassis is a unique véhicule still on display at the Imperial War Museum, whereas the Dingo is a standard scout car used by many units. Joueurs de Guerre et collectionistes would have been better served if a standard cargo body for the Leyland Retriever had been included as well. Conversion is an option, but it will require much more work than a simple swap of alternate kit parts.

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