High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Véhicule HMMWV (Hum-Vee)

Revue de la Maquette Matchbox au 1/70

Camion 1,25 t, 4×4 HMMWV (Humvee)

Missile Carriers avec StarWars Pilots in attendance. The local toy store is an excellent source of ready-made véhicules et painted figurines for an ultra-modern ou science fiction army. A variety of Jeeps, camions, véhicules civils, automitrailleuses, transports de troupes, chars, hovercraft, space transports, battle droids, alien creatures, movie heroes et infantry figurines can be found, even if they are not always perfectly scaled to match. Some brightly coloured toys may have to be painted et weathered to achieve the proper military look, others may be used straight from the box.


  • M996 TOW Missile Carrier, Basic Armor

The Matchbox die-cast Hum-Vee is ready to play, although it could use some detailing et repainting to make the model appear more realistic. The sturdy metal body can be drilled et sanded to convert the véhicule. Wheels should be superglued to the axles to prevent the Hum-Vee from rolling around on the wargame table.


  • The die-cast véhicule is a cheap et easy alternative to a plastic model kit ou resin casting of the Hum-Vee. The model may satisfy the wargamer, but it will require a lot of additional detailing to meet the standards of a discerning modéliste et diorama builder.
  • The black semi-gloss windows look realistic, et they eliminate the need for crew figurines inside the véhicule. Covered Hum-Vees are relatively dark inside, when viewed from the front, making it difficult to see the crew.
  • Working toy avec sprung wheels et accessible cargo bay.
  • The TOW missile launcher is not very detailed, it should be replaced by a similar part taken from another 1/72 scale model kit.
  • The wheels are modelled incorrectly, although the problem may be corrected slightly by filling the wheel hubs avec putty et carving them into the proper shape.
  • The unique inverted V-shape wheel suspension of the Hum-Vee has not been recreated correctly, because the model is designed as a toy. The appearance of the front suspension may be improved by carving the excess plastic away. The rear suspension will be more difficult to fix, because the part is not detailed at all.
  • The véhicule is sold in a dark olive green base colour avec white recognition stars on hood et doors, as well as a large white serial number over each rear fender. The standard 3-colour NATO pattern ou a desert sand colour will be more appropriate.

Possibilités de Conversions

  • M998 Command Véhicule avec Canvas Top
  • Road Warrior Véhicule Civil ou Paramilitaire. The metal cover of the cargo bay may be removed to convert the véhicule to a pick-up avec additional passenger seating space.

This Matchbox toy lends itself to a number of interesting Road Warrior véhicule conversions which may be used in conjunction avec popular table-top simulation rules. The model is cheap enough to form the basis of an entire fleet of light transport et combat véhicules for wargame purposes.

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