Porte-Drapeau / Hussard

Revue de Figurine de Nürnberger Meisterzinn au 1/45

1. Likaner Régiment, Grenz-Infanterie

The supposed Standard-Bearer / Husar available from Nürnberger Meisterzinn is actually an imperial Grenzer, carrying un drapeau autrichien. The military farmers du confin militaire Militärgrenze autrichien were militiamen et irregular troops who carried no flags. The valuable field signs would have been lost very quickly during raids et small unit actions, which is why irregular formations were not provided avec flags at all. This metal mould produced by Nürnberger Meisterzinn can be used to cast an attractive porte-drapeau, albeit a ficticious one.

The two Croates of the 1. (Carlovac) Likaner Régiment shown here, have been converted from the porte-drapeau casting. The flag staff was carefully separated from the figurine, et each soldier was then armed avec a musket taken from another Meisterzinn mould. The figurines are mounted on a 50 × 50 mm bataillon stand compatible avec the Volley & Bayonet game system. Ils représentent un bataillon de la Grenz-Infanterie impériale.


  • Metal mould of an imperial Grenzer avec drapeau autrichien
  • Painting instructions


  • With the exception of the flag, the Grenzer (Croate) is dressed et armed correctly.
  • The 40 mm figurine is fun to paint et it looks very attractive in any one of the many different uniforms worn by Grenz-Régiments.
  • Bad choice of subject. Un fantassin de la grenz-infanterie avançant ou escarmouchant would have been much more useful than this porte-drapeau.
  • The painting guide is ficticious, it does not match any of the known Grenz-Régiments.
  • The conversion of the figurine can be difficult, because the flag needs to be cut away carefully. The strange pompon on top of the shako needs to be removed as well.

Emploi Historique

  • 1r au 4e (Karlovac) Grenz-Régiment (Croates)
  • 10e et 11e (Banat) Grenz-Régiment

Possibilités de Conversions

  • 5e et 6e (Varaždin) Grenz-Régiment (Serbs), avec round cuffs
  • 7e au 9e (Slavonski) Grenz-Régiment, avec round cuffs
  • Pandour de Trenck
  • Croate Vert du Corps Franc Prussien de Kleist
  • Pandour Russe

Nürnberger Meisterzinn would have been better advised to produce a mould for a more common et versatile foot soldier, rather than this strange porte-drapeau.

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Figurines de la Grenz-Infanterie Autrichienne pendant la Guerre de Sept Ans