Feld-Maréchal Blücher et Généraux Prussiens des Guerres Napoléoniennes

Revue de Figurines de Minifigs au 15 mm

Feld-Maréchal Blücher, 15 mm Figurine de Minifigs

Un officier d’infanterie prussienne briefing Fieldmarshal von Blücher about the local battlefield situation. The two 15 mm figurines are from the series Blucher et Generals manufactured by Minifigs. Blücher is wearing the typical grey raincoat avec cape, et la casquette de campagne bleu avec red band. Miniature sculptors often model Maréchal Forward in the raincoat, because several contemporary pictures show him in this attire. The officier next to Blücher looks a lot smarter in his uniforme bleu de Prusse. The figurines are mounted on an Empire III corps command stand, suitable for Napoleonic simulation games, which may also be used as an army command stand.


Bon choix de sujet, Blücher may be deployed as a Corps ou Army Commander en jeux de guerre. Horse et rider are anatomically correct, et they are easy et fun to paint.

Blücher is wearing the coat et la casquette de campagne often portrayed in contemporary pictures of Blücher’s Rhine-Crossing at Kaub et the Bataille de Waterloo. This uniform is practical, but not very pretty. At the Bataille de Ligny, 16 Juin 1815, Blücher apparantly did not wear a coat, but the more attractive blue officer’s uniform et the bicorne. Blücher’s horse was killed during the battle, the fieldmarshal was pinned underneath it, et he could only be recovered safely from the battlefield after nightfall. Blücher’s aide-de-camp, Graf von Nostitz, had the presence of mind to drape his coat over the stricken fieldmarshal to hide Blücher’s conspicuous medals, thereby averting certain capture by cavalerie française.

Compatible avec Heritage, Hinchcliffe, Old Glory, Ral Partha, et similar 15 mm figurines.

Minifigs was founded by Neville Dickinson of Southhampton, England, en 1964, et it is the oldest established manufacturer of wargames miniatures on the market today. Over time, Minifigs figurines have been updated to modern design standards.

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