Chariot Rover Lunaire

Revue de la Maquette Playing Mantis au 1/72

Chariot Rover Lunaire de la Serie Perdus dans l’Espace, 1/72 Maquette Playing Mantis

The Chariot moon rover from the movie "Lost in Space" may be found at toy stores. The véhicule can be used comme transport civil ou véhicule d’exploration. The model may be opened to fit crew figurines inside. The Chariot is built like a snow mobil, it has very wide tracks which reduce the ground pressure. Appropriately weathered, the véhicule makes a convincing spaceport shuttle. If the windows are painted over avec camouflage colours the véhicule looks like an armoured moon rover. Armoured window et firing port covers may be cut from plastic card ou aluminum foil.

Spécifications Techniques

  • Longueur: 4320 mm
  • Largeur: 2304 mm
  • Hauteur: 3096 mm
  • Longueur chenilles: 3600 mm
  • Largeur chenilles: 576 mm
  • 4 Doors, Roof Rack
  • Équipage: conducteur et 5 hommes


  • The model is ready to play, although it will need to be weathered significantly to remove the unrealistic showroom cleanliness. Add extra stowage to the roof rack, and add a cargo rack at the rear of the véhicule.
  • Metal chassis, plastic tracks et body.
  • Windows et window struts are cast in clear plastic. The struts should be painted in the body colour, to appear more realistic.
  • Plastic carpet rollers need to be removed from the chassis, otherwise the tracks will not touch the ground.
  • The cupola on the roof has no apparent purpose, it just looks good.
  • Compatible avec 1/76 et 1/72 scale Sci-Fi figurines.

The local toy store is a good source of modern et science fiction equipment for the joueur de guerre et collectioniste. Many figurines et véhicules can be used straight from the box, others may be converted ou repainted to fit the modélistes needs. The Chariot is a great find, it’s well worth the money.

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