Parachutistes Américains de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, 1943–1945

Revue de Figurines de Revell au 1/72

Parachutistes Américains de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, 1943–1945, 1/72 Figurines Revell 02517

This set duplicates a subject already covered years ago by ESCI. Accordingly, joueurs de guerre et modélistes, given a choice in the matter, would have asked for poses et equipment not previously available dans la boîte de parachutistes de chez ESCI: operateurs radio, bazooka team, groupe de mortier de 60, scout, tireur d’élite, équipage de canon antichar et officiers. Unfortunately, the opportunity was missed. À l’exception de l’officier et sous-officier la boîte offre rien de nouveau et passionnant. The sculpting style is noticeably different, the figurines are smaller et much less detailed than the ESCI paras.


44 Figurines en 12 Poses – 23 mm correspondent à 166 cm hauteur de corps

  • 2 Officiers, 5 sous-officiers avec pistolet mitrailleur
  • 2 Gunners (.30 cal MMG), 2 Loaders
  • Para folding Chute
  • 2 Paras recovering Kit Bag
  • 5 Paras avec BAR
  • 4 Paras avec Carbine
  • 5 Paras avec SMG
  • 5 Paras throwing Grenade
  • 11 Paras tirant, 2 Poses


  • The NCO is probably the best et most useful figurine in the set.
  • There are enough attacking et firing poses for a small diorama.
  • The .30 calibre MMG may be used to equip jeeps et other véhicules.
  • Poor choice of subject. The US Paras had already been done in better quality.
  • Less value for money: only 44 figurines in 12 poses, compared to 50 figurines in 13 poses offered by ESCI.
  • The figurines are not nearly as detailed as the Parachutistes US produced by ESCI.
  • Detail et casting quality is sub-standard.
  • Noticeable flash et mould lines need to be removed prior to painting.
  • The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is modelled avec the bipod et the carrying handle in place, despite the fact that experienced troops - parachutistes in particular - usually removed these items. The handle may be sliced off the weapon easily, but removing the bipod will take a little care.
  • The assistant gunner for the .30 calibre MMG is caught in an unfortunate pose: forever trying to place an ammo box on the ground before him. To be of any use to the gunner, the loader might as well begin opening one of the boxes.
  • L’officier porte un pistolet exceptionnellement longue, trop long pour tenir dans l’étui.
  • Le parachutiste à genoux, tirant a les jambes écartées d’une manière plutôt mal à l’aise, presque ruiner la pose.
  • Several des hommes are without entrenching tool, et not one of them carries a grenade on his body.
  • The bareheaded para seems to have lost ou discarded his helmet. The ESCI set features a similar pose, bareheaded to show off the Mohawk hairstyle, except that this man has attached his helmet to the back of his belt.

Emploi Historique

  • US 82nd & 101st Airborne Division
    • Sicily, Juillet 1943
    • Normandy, Juin 1944
    • Arnheim, Septembre 1944
    • Ardennes, Décembre 1944
    • Allemagne, Mars 1945

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Parachutistes de la Légion Étrangère Française, Diên Biên Phù, 1954

Cette boîte des Parachutistes US is a disappointment compared to the excellent ESCI set covering the same subject. An opportunity to fill in the gaps in the ESCI set has been missed. Incompatible miniatures are likely to fail as miserably as incompatible software. One wonders why the design et development effort was not better spent on an entirely new subject, something avec more probability of success in the market. Readers of Military Miniatures Magazine have put forward a good number of interesting new product ideas in our annual Wishlist section, manufacturers need only adopt some of them.

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Figurines de Parachutistes Américains de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, 1942–1945