Canon Antichar de 75 mm PaK 40 Allemand

Revue de l’Artillerie Matchbox / Revell au 1/76

Canon Antichar de 75 mm PaK 40

The picture shows une conversion du PaK 40, représentant a hypothetical towed 75 mm L.48 PaK 39 which had a slightly longer barrel, et no muzzle break. The conversion is a simple matter of cutting et sanding the muzzle break off the PaK 40. However, the 75 mm PaK 39 was never deployed in this role.


  • Infanterie Afrikakorps
  • BMW R75 Moto Side-Car
  • Tracteur léger Sd.Kfz. 11 et Équipage
  • Canon Antichar Allemand de 75 mm PaK 40


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The PaK 40 was one of the most effective canon antichar allemand de la guerre, et it lends itself to a number of interesting conversion projects.
  • Scale model avec good detail. Hinges, rivet heads, et working parts of the elevating et breech mechanism are nicely sculpted.
  • Easy to build, only 17 parts.
  • Le frein de bouche can be drilled open very easily.
  • The PaK 40 is a partially working model, the barrel can be raised or lowered, et aimed to either side. The gun trails swing into the towing position, et they have a more secure fit than the trails of the Airfix PaK 40.
  • The kit is designed to show the PaK 40 in tow behind its tractor. Un conducteur et six gun crew figurines are seated inside the véhicule. The Airfix kit is the better choice for a PaK 40 in action, it contains four crew members firing the weapon.
  • The model has solid steel wheel, compared to the spoked steel wheels of the Airfix PaK 40. The gun trails are of simpler design, mais la culasse et rampe de recul are more accurately modelled than those of the Airfix gun.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, et VAC-U-CAST.
  • Modélistes should not be mislead about the fact that the véhicules in this boxed set are actually 1/76 scale Matchbox re-releases.
  • The lower gun shield is much too far forward of the axle. This problem may be corrected by cutting the supports back by 3 mm.
  • The wheel hubs need to be drilled open for a better fit, otherwise they stick out too far. Similarly, the gun cradle required drilling to accept the barrel.
  • The original PaK 40 had a laminated shield consisting of two armour plates riveted together, but the model has a solid shield. The problem could be corrected by engraving ou painting a thin line in the top edge of the shield.

The Revell re-release of the Matchbox PaK 40 offers excellent value for money, it includes a rare model du semi-chenillé Sd.Kfz. 11 avec conducteur et crew figurines, a BMW R75 moto side-car, et a large diorama base. The Matchbox PaK 40 differs from the Airfix model of the same in a number of ways, et it converts well to a PaK 39.

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