Moto Side-Car BMW R75 Allemande

Revue de la Maquette Matchbox / Revell au 1/76

Moto Side-Car BMW R75 Allemande, 1/76 Maquette Revell 03150

The picture shows the BMW R75 sans side-car. The model easily converts to a solo machine, leaving the side-car off, et removing the attachment points on the frame. The rider has been equipped avec an MP40, a map case, et other items of equipment one would expect to see on a soldier. Les motocyclistes typically portaient the rubberized overcoat, et there are pictures of it in use even en Afrique du Nord. Dressed as he is, wearing the early war temperate uniform avec closed collar, this man is probably riding the BMW in perfect weather. The goggles are a typical item of equipment worn in Europe et on the dusty roads of Afrique du Nord ou les plaines russes.



  • Choix de sujet excellent. Le side-car BMW R75 was a standard military side-car, it features prominently in many pictures and movies.
  • Scale model avec acceptable detail. The entire frame is a one-piece casting, et some simplifications have been made.
  • Easy to build, only 9 parts. The model is much easier to put together than some of the more detailed motos on the market. The result is good enough for simulations games, even if it may not satisfy the purist.
  • The rider is an excellent figurine, although he could use a few items of personal equipment, et an MP40. The model is probably most useful as a solo machine carrying a traffic controller ou dispatch rider, because the man is looking sideways et signaling to other traffic. There is no passenger for the side-car, et it is not fitted avec a machine gun.
  • The kit includes decals of the 15. et 21. Panzerdivision en Afrique du Nord, mais les figurines d’équipage de véhicule are actually more suitable pour le théâtre militaire européen.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto, et VAC-U-CAST.
  • Parts of the frame are filled in, et they will prove difficult to drill open. Autres maquettes des motos in this scale are more detailed, but this is a very serviceable model.
  • The tires of the BMW are without tread ou spokes, but those of the side-car are nicely detailed. If the model is deployed as a solo machine, spare tires scrounged from the side-car may be used to build a carriages pour le canon d’infanterie de 37 mm Infanteriekanone M.31 autrichien, et le canon léger de 75 mm Leichtgeschütz 1 allemand which was issued to Fallschirmjäger parachutistes, et Gebirgsjäger chasseurs alpins.
  • The rider is dressed in the early war temperate uniform instead of the tropical uniform worn by the Afrikakorps.
  • Modélistes should not be mislead about the fact that the véhicules in this boxed set are actually 1/76 scale Matchbox re-releases.

The Matchbox model of the BMW R75 avec side-car is a quick et easy kit for simulation gamers, but expert modélistes will find it lacking in detail. The rider is in a very versatile pose, he may be used as a member d’équipage de véhicule du transport de troupe semi-chenillé Sd.Kfz. 251 Schützenpanzerwagen.

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